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  • Possessed (1947)

    Cast:  Van Heflin, Joan Crawford, Geraldine Brooks, Suzanne Ridgeway
    A woman wanders the streets of Los Angeles in some sort of emotional distress. She is also under some delusion as she approaches many men, strangers who she calls "David." Eventually, an ambulance is called, the attendants who take her to the hospital, where she is eventually placed in the psychiatric ward. Placing her under some medication to help her remember, Dr. Harvey Willard, the psychiatrist on duty, is able to get some semblance of a story out of her over the ensuing days. This phase of her life begins just over a year ago when she, single RN Louise Howell, is employed by wealthy Dean Graham to take care of his chronically ill and largely bedridden wife, Pauline Graham, at their lake house outside of Washington, D.C. Due to her circumstances, Pauline believes that Dean and Louise are having an affair behind her back. Louise can see that Dean does have feelings for her that way in his loneliness. The "David" in question is David Sutton, a civil engineer who lives across the lake from the Grahams, and who has been having a secret affair with Louise. That relationship was meant to be casual, but David tries to break it off with her when he sees that she has fallen in love with him to an obsessional state. Louise begins to manipulate the situation to be in David's life, even if only peripherally. Louise also begins to feel that if she can't have David, nobody else should. Louise is eventually diagnosed with schizophrenia during this time--something she does not mention to anyone in her life--which places her story to Dr. Willard in some context, including what of the story is real and what is all part of her delusion. —Huggo
  • The Razor's Edge (1946)


    1h 37m

    7.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Gene Tierney, Anne Baxter, Tyrone Power, John Payne
    Well-to-do Chicagoan, Larry Darrell, breaks off his engagement to Isabel and travels the world seeking enlightenment, eventually finding his guru India. Isabel marries Gray, and following the crash of 1929, is invited to live in Paris with her rich, social climbing, Uncle Elliot. During a sojurn there, Larry, having attained his goal, is reunited with Isabel. While slumming one night Larry, Isabel and company are shocked to discover Sophie, a friend from Chicago. Having lost her husband and child in a tragic accident, Sophie is living the low-life with the help of alcohol and an abusive brute. Larry tries to rehabilitate her, but his efforts are sabotaged by Isabel who tries in vain to reignite Larry's interest in herself. —Richard Blinkal
  • The Third Man (1949)

    Cast:  Orson Welles, Bernard Lee, Alida Valli, Wilfrid Hyde-White
    An out of work pulp fiction novelist, Holly Martins, arrives in a post war Vienna divided into sectors by the victorious allies, and where a shortage of supplies has led to a flourishing black market. He arrives at the invitation of an ex-school friend, Harry Lime, who has offered him a job, only to discover that Lime has recently died in a peculiar traffic accident. From talking to Lime's friends and associates Martins soon notices that some of the stories are inconsistent, and determines to discover what really happened to Harry Lime. —Mark Thompson
  • Odd Man Out (1947)

    Cast:  Cyril Cusack, William Hartnell, James Mason, Albert Sharpe
    The leader of an Irish separatist group's, been hiding in the house of Kathleen and her mother, planning a robbery which would give his group the money needed to continue its activities. But the robbery fails, and Johnny's wounded. Immediately a man hunt's launched, and both the police - and Kathleen go in search of Johnny, but for different reasons. —Eduardo Casais
  • Cat People (1942)

    Cast:  Simone Simon, Tom Conway, Theresa Harris, Jane Randolph
    Serbian national Irena Dubrovna, a fashion sketch artist, has recently arrived in New York for work. The first person who she makes a personal connection with there is marine engineer Oliver Reed. The two fall in love and get married despite Irena's reservations, not about Oliver but about herself. She has always felt different than other people, but has never been sure why. She lives close to the zoo, and unlike many of her neighbors is comforted by the sounds of the big cats emanating from the zoo. And although many see it purely as an old wives' tale, she believes the story from her village of ancient residents being driven into witchcraft and evil doing, those who managed to survive by escaping into the mountains. After seeing her emotional pain, Oliver arranges for her to see a psychiatrist to understand why she believes what she does. In therapy, Dr. Judd, the psychiatrist, learns that she also believes, out of that villagers' tale, that she has descended from this evil - women who change into great cats like panthers in passion, anger or jealousy - and that she will turn into a such a dangerous big cat upon being kissed in turn killing her lover and others who have betrayed her. This belief is why she has resisted falling in love before she met Oliver. Learning this information from Irena, Oliver wants to do whatever needed to help her as does Dr. Judd. But Irena's beliefs may be tested when Oliver's friendship with a co-worker named Alice Moore may become more than just friends... —Huggo
  • Suspicion (1941)

    Cast:  Alfred Hitchcock, Cedric Hardwicke, Cary Grant, Joan Fontaine
    Johnnie Aysgarth is a handsome gambler who seems to live by borrowing money from friends. He meets shy Lina McLaidlaw on a train while trying to travel in a first class car with a third class ticket. He begins to court Lina, and before long, they are married. It is only after the honeymoon that she discovers his true character, and she starts to become suspicious when Johnnie's friend and business partner, Beaky, is mysteriously killed. —Col Needham
  • Key Largo (1948)

    Cast:  Humphrey Bogart, Dan Seymour, Lauren Bacall, Monte Blue
    Frank McCloud travels to a run-down hotel on Key Largo to honor the memory of a friend who died bravely in his unit during WW II. His friend's widow, Nora Temple, and wheelchair bound father, James Temple manage the hotel and receive him warmly, but the three of them soon find themselves virtual prisoners when the hotel is taken over by a mob of gangsters led by Johnny Rocco who hole up there to await the passing of a hurricane. Mr. Temple strongly reviles Rocco but due to his infirmities can only confront him verbally. Having become disillusioned by the violence of war, Frank is reluctant to act, but Rocco's demeaning treatment of his alcoholic moll, Gaye Dawn, and his complicity in the deaths of the Osceola Brothers and a deputy sheriff start to motivate McCloud to overcome his Hamlet-like inaction. —Brian Greenhalgh
  • The Glass Key (1942)

    Cast:  Lillian Randolph, William Bendix, Bonita Granville, Dane Clark
    During the campaign for reelection, the crooked politician Paul Madvig decides to clean up his past, refusing the support of the gangster Nick Varna and associating to the respectable reformist politician Ralph Henry. When Ralph's son, Taylor Henry, a gambler and the lover of Paul's sister Opal, is murdered, Paul's right arm, Ed Beaumont, finds his body on the street. Nick uses the financial situation of The Observer to force the publisher Clyde Matthews to use the newspaper to raise the suspicion that Paul Madvig might have killed Taylor. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The Fallen Idol (1948)

    Cast:  Bernard Lee, Ralph Richardson, Jack Hawkins, Michèle Morgan
    Philippe, an ambassador's son and good friend of Baines, major domo of the embassy, is confused by the complexities and evasions of adult life. He tries to keep secrets but ends up telling them. He lies to protect his friends, even though he knows he should tell the truth. Confusion reigns when Baines is suspected of murdering his wife and Philippe flips back and forth with the police. —
  • Witness to Murder (1954)

    Cast:  Barbara Stanwyck, Claude Akins, George Sanders, Dick Elliott
    Cheryl Draper (Barbara Stanwyck) sees a murder through her bedroom window, but no one will believe her. She is stalked by the suave killer (George Sanders), who first takes steps to convince police she is crazy, but she has ally in a sympathetic policeman (Gary Merrill). —
  • The Hitch-Hiker (1953)

    Cast:  Edmond O'Brien, William Talman
    Two friends on a fishing trip pick up a stranded motorist who turns out to be a psychopathic escaped convict. This sociopath has already murdered other good Samaritans in his efforts to evade authorities. He sadistically taunts and threatens the two men and perversely delights in telling them that he has them both marked for death sometime before the end of the trip. His destination is a ferryboat in Baja, California, which he hopes will help him get to the mainland. The hostages hope to stay alive long enough to escape or be rescued by Mexican authorities. —duke1029
  • The Man Between (1953)

    Cast:  Claire Bloom, James Mason, Hildegard Knef
    In post-World War II Berlin, Englishwoman Susanne Mallison travels from London to Berlin in order to visit her older brother Martin Mallison, a military man who married a German woman named Bettina. The naive Susanne snoops on Bettina and suspects she is hiding something from her brother. When Susanne is introduced by Bettina to her mysterious friend Ivo Kern, he offers to show her Berlin and they have a date. But Ivo meets the strange Halendar from East Germany and Susanne takes a cab and returns home alone. Then she dates Ivo again while he meets Olaf Kastner, who is a friend of Martin and Bettina's. Soon Susanne, who has fallen in love with Ivo, learns that he was a former lawyer married to Bettina but with a criminal past during the war. Now he is blackmailed by Halendar to kidnap Kastner and bring him back on the other side of the border. The plan fails and Halender asks his men to abduct Bettina to get Kastner. Susanne, however, is kidnapped by mistake and imprisoned in the basement of a house in East Berlin. Now Ivo plots to rescue Susanne from Halender and help her to cross the border. Will they succeed in their intent? —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • The Breaking Point (1950)

    Cast:  Sherry Jackson, Charles Horvath, John Doucette, Patricia Neal
    Based out of Newport Beach, California, Harry Morgan, a former naval officer during the war, is struggling to make ends meet operating a boat charter, primarily fishing trips locally and to/from Mexico, with his friend Wesley Park more often than not by his side as his first mate. Harry was hoping at this point in his life that he would have had a fleet of boats, but instead he is already behind in payments on the one and only, the Sea Queen. Despite the loving and devoted relationship he has with his wife Lucy Morgan, the two who have two adolescent daughters, Amy and Connie, the boat is the one sore point in their marriage, Lucy often encouraging him to get more stable work, such as with her uncle on a lettuce farm, despite she knowing that the sea is the only life he knows and loves. On his and Wesley's latest multi-day fishing charter to Mexico, Harry gets stranded with no money to get him, Wesley and the Sea Queen back to the US. Running into shyster American lawyer F.R. Duncan, Harry, despite being law abiding, has to decide if he will agree to Duncan's request to carry some illegal cargo back into the States, that illegal cargo which would provide him with more than enough money to make the trip back. What he decides begins a series of incidents which threaten not only his livelihood and his marriage - the latter as Lucy becomes jealous of Leona Charles, the woman who was on that fishing charter - but his life in its entirety. —Huggo
  • You Only Live Once (1937)


    1h 37m

    7.3 IMDB

    Cast:  Henry Fonda, Amzie Strickland, Sylvia Sidney, Jack Carson
    Joan is the secretary to the public defender in a large city. She is in love with a career criminal named Eddie, and she believes that he is a basically good person who just had some tough breaks. She uses her influence to get him released early, and he tries to go straight after marrying her, but things don't work out, and they both go on the lam. —Tim Horrigan
  • He Walked by Night (1948)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Whit Bissell, Ann Doran, Kenneth Tobey, John Dehner
    In post WW II, Los Angeles, a cop's killed in the middle of the night. With no leads, the chief of police assigns Sgts. Jones and Brennan to investigate and apprehend the killer. They target low-level criminals, such as Paul Reeves, hoping he'll lead them to bigger fish, specially, the one who shot and killed the cop. —Claudio Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil