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  • Guilty Bystander (1950)

    Cast:  Zachary Scott, Jesse White, Faye Emerson, John Marley
    Not knowing what else to do, Georgia Thursday contacts her ex-husband, alcoholic Max Thursday, after their toddler son Jeff goes missing. Max, a former NYPD detective, is now the house detective of the rundown Brooklyn establishment, the Riverview Hotel, run by his streetwise friend, Smitty, who gave him a job and a room when nobody arguably would. Georgia did not go to the police as her now-missing brother Fred Mace's disreputable associate Dr. Elder threatened her against doing so, in that he probably had something to do with the missing pair. As such, Max goes on a quest for Jeff and, by association, Fred with the only lead they have, namely Dr. Elder, with help from Smitty, who knows, through experience, the grittier side of most urban streets in the United States than most. In the process, Max comes to believe that their disappearance most-likely centers on a criminal with the code name St. Paul, with Jeff solely being an innocent bystander in whatever criminal activity is going on. Beyond following the leads, the question becomes whether Max can hold it all together, namely by staying away from the bottle, long enough to save his family.
  • Desert Fury (1947)

    Cast:  Burt Lancaster, Lizabeth Scott, Wendell Corey, Mary Astor
    Fritzi Haller is a powerful casino owner in Chuckawalla, Nevada. Her daughter Paula, having quit school, returns at the same time as racketeer Eddie Bendix, who left under suspicion of murdering his wife. When Paula and Eddie become involved, Fritzi, Paula's old beau Tom, and Eddie's pal Johnny try to break up the relationship, each for her or his own reasons. Then Eddie's past catches up with him in an unexpected way.
  • Trapped (1949)


    1h 37m

    6.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Lloyd Bridges, John Hoyt, Tommy Noonan, Barbara Payton
    The Secret Service of the US Treasury learns that a new batch of counterfeit bills has been in circulation using the plates that Tris Stewart, having completed three years of a ten year prison sentence, had used that led to his conviction. They are able to make a deal with Stewart, in consideration for early parole, to stage a "mock" escape so that he can help them locate the source of the counterfeit bills and hopefully recover the plates to shut down this counterfeit operation for good. In discovering that the plates had been sold by Stewart's deadbeat former partner Sam Hooker to one of their old associates, Jack Sylvester, Stewart may have other things on his mind, such as reconnecting with his old girlfriend, Meg Dixon, a nightclub cigarette girl who now goes by the professional name Laurie Fredericks, and together living off the proceeds that those plates and resulting counterfeit bills can provide. What happens with Stewart and Laurie will not only be affected by Sylvester and his handlers in the Secret Service, but also by the presence of Johnny Hackett, who, assumed to be a racketeer in the way he easily throws around money in the nightclub, has his eye on Laurie for himself.
  • Flame of the Islands (1955)


    1h 37m

    5.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Yvonne De Carlo, James Arness, Zachary Scott, Howard Duff
    The story of a café singer who buys a gambling casino, and the men who fall in love with her.
  • Woman in Hiding (1950)

    Cast:  Tony Curtis, Peggie Castle, Ida Lupino, Peggy Dow
    Deborah Chandler's rejected suitor, Selden Clark, manages the factory of her father, who dies: did he fall or was he pushed? But charming Clark manages to win her over and marry her. On the honeymoon, Clark's former girl Patricia intervenes and opens Deborah's eyes, alas too late. Now Clark tries to kill Deborah. Believed dead by all but Clark, she flees. But drifter Keith Ramsey recognizes and follows her. Can she trust him? Can he believe her?
  • Pushover (1954)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Kim Novak, Marion Ross, Dorothy Malone, Philip Carey
    A bank heist yields $210,000. Soon, sultry Lona McLane, girlfriend of one of the robbers, meets Paul Sheridan and has a torrid affair. When she finds out Paul's a cop, to save herself she sets out to corrupt him. He's a pushover. But it won't be easy for Paul to get his hands on the money when he's part of a complex, peeping-tom stakeout. Soon, he's in much deeper than he'd planned, amid atmospheric night scenes.
  • The Bitter Stems (1956)


    1h 37m

    7.6 IMDB

    Alfredo Gaspar (Carlos Cores) is an unhappy reporter who teams with an immigrant bartender, Liudas (Vassili Lambrinos), in a get rich quick scheme; they advertise a correspondence course in journalism, and the money pours in. Other than being a crook, Liudas is a nice guy hoping to bring his wife and two children from Europe to Argentina. Gaspar is so moved by the family's plight that he offers Liudas a bigger share of the ill-gotten gains to help them. Eventually, though, Gaspar comes to suspect that Liudas hasn't told him the truth; perhaps someone who's, after all, a crook would also lie to him. Gaspar decides to exact revenge on his "business" partner and commits "the perfect crime"...or so he thinks. But nothing goes quite as planned.
  • Repeat Performance (1947)

    Cast:  John Ireland, Joan Leslie, Virginia Field, Richard Basehart
    Sheila kills her husband at the start of the film with a smoking gun. We don't know how or why. All we know is men are banging on her door and she escapes. There is a notable dialogue as she makes her way to a New Years celebration with Richard Basehart as the poet William Williams. As she goes up the stairs to John Friday's apartment (her producer), she wishes she could relive the year and undo what she has done. William Williams, in an offhand remark, states he wishes he was the one who shot Barney, her erstwhile husband. We see that Destiny is not too happy with making changes to her plans.
  • A Bullet Is Waiting (1954)


    1h 37m

    5.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Brian Aherne, Jean Simmons, Rory Calhoun
    A policeman and his prisoner survive the crash of the plane in the mountains in which they were traveling. They seek shelter in the lonely hut of a man and his daughter...
  • Outrage (1950)


    1h 37m

    6.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Mala Powers, Ida Lupino
    A young girl is raped while coming home from work. The trauma of the attack turns her away from her parents and her fiancé. Unable to face society, she runs away and, using an assumed name, takes a job on an orange ranch. A young clergyman takes an interest in her although she won't confide in him. When a ranch hand tries to kiss her she relives her terrifying experience and nearly kills him. She is arrested, but when her identity is established and the facts of her case are brought forth, the clergyman convinces the court that society should shoulder the blame. He helps her rebuild her faith and sends her back to her parents and fiancé.
  • House of Bamboo (1955)


    1h 37m

    6.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Robert Stack, Harry Carey Jr., DeForest Kelley, Cameron Mitchell
    In Tokyo, a ruthless gang starts holding up U.S. ammunition trains, prepared to kill any of their own members wounded during a robbery. Down-at-heel ex-serviceman Eddie Spannier arrives from the States, apparently at the invitation of one such unfortunate. But Eddie isn't quite what he seems as he manages to make contact with Sandy Dawson, who is obviously running some sort of big operation, and his plan is helped by acquaintance with Mariko, the secret Japanese wife of the dead American.
  • Ministry of Fear (1944)

    Cast:  Ray Milland, Hillary Brooke, Dan Duryea, Marjorie Reynolds
    Stephen Neale is released into WWII England after two years in an asylum, but it doesn't seem so sane outside either. On his way back to London to rejoin civilization, he stumbles across a murderous spy ring and wants to stop it, but doesn't quite know what to do.
  • Deported (1950)

    Cast:  Jeff Chandler, Charles Drake, Märta Torén, Marina Berti
    An American gangster born in Italy, Vic Smith (Jeff Chandler), after being deported back to Italy as an undesirable citizen, gets involved with an Italian black-market ring and falls in love with Countess Christine di Lorenzi, a beautiful widow.
  • Machine-Gun Kelly (1958)


    1h 37m

    6.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Charles Bronson, Susan Cabot, Lori Martin, Frank DeKova
    Machine-Gun Kelly, the famous bank robber, seldom without his Thompson machine gun. The story opens with great jazzy music and a murder shown in shadows. His moll is the driving force behind his exploits. He has an exaggerated fear of death and death symbols. The sight of a coffin makes him freeze during a bank job, causing his lieutenant to lose his arm. Finally, the gang kidnaps a little girl along with her nurse and hold them for ransom.
  • Among the Living (1941)


    1h 37m

    6.3 IMDB

    Cast:  Frances Farmer, Harry Carey, Susan Hayward
    Paul Raden (Albert Dekker), hopelessly insane son of Maxim Raden, hated owner of the Radentown mills, is in a strait jacket in a secret room in the family mansion, while the body of his father is lowered into a grave. Twenty-five years earlier, the brutal father had hurled Paul against a wall when the young boy had tried to defend his mother and, with his brain injured forever, Paul's last memory, before descending into the shadows on insanity, was his mother's agonized scream. At the graveside are Dr. Ben Saunders (Harry Carey), Paul's twin brother John (Albert Dekker) and John's wife Elaine (Frances Farmer). Pompey (Ernest Whitman'), the family servant who has cared for and guarded Paul and kept the family secret for a quarter of a century,watches from afar. That night Dr. Saunders tells John that his twin, who he thought dead, is alive as the father, refusing to commit him to an institution, had bribed the doctor to sign a false death certificate and then bury another child's body as Paul. John and the doctor visit Radenhouse and find Pompey strangled and Paul vanished. While they search frantically for Paul, the latter revels in his freedom and falls in love with the first girl he meets, Millie Pickens Susan Hayward), an unemployed mill worker. He wanders into a honky-tonk filled with dancing jitterbugs, where a pretty blonde, Peggy Nolan (Jean Phillips), flirts with him. Her body is found the next morning near the closed-down Raden Mills. Terrorized by the second murder and the thought that a homicidal maniac is on the loose, the town goes mad with fear and greed when Dr. Saunders tricks John into offering a $5,000 reward for the killer. Millie swipes her late father's revolver and persuades Paul, whose demented mind has forgotten the murders, to accompany her to Radenhouse on her hunch that the murderer is hiding there.