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  • Society Dog Show (1939)

    Cast:  Walt Disney
    Pluto's in a dog show against lots of snooty, high-society dogs. While Mickey's chasing after a dropped can, Pluto is making eyes at the dog next door. Pluto's turn for judging comes, and when the judge makes fun of him, Pluto gets mad and goes after the judge, which gets them thrown out. A fire breaks out, and the dog Pluto was romancing is trapped inside; it's up to Pluto to rescue her.
  • Mr. Duck Steps Out (1940)

    Donald is heading out for a night on the town with Daisy, but first he needs to ditch his resourceful nephews. Easier said than done. They get to Daisy's house first, but Donald buys them off with ice cream, which works for about 10 seconds. Eventually, Donald and Daisy do some pretty wild dancing, made wilder when the nephews get a hot ear of popcorn into Donald.
  • Early to Bed (1941)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    Donald has to get up early, but everything seems to be working to keep him awake. His loudly ticking alarm clock resists several attempts to quiet it. Donald ultimately swallows it; the glow-in-the-dark dial can be seen through his feathers. Then his folding bed folds up on him. Springs start popping out of it; Donald builds an elaborate framework to hold it down. Finally, enough of the clock reassembles itself to sound the alarm and night is over.
  • Pluto and the Gopher (1950)


    1h 37m

    6.1 IMDB

    A gopher sucks a flower into his hole, waking up Pluto. He chases the critter, but gets scolded by Minnie for digging up her flower bed. She pots the flower he dug up, and unknowingly includes the gopher in the pot, which she carries inside. The frustrated gopher digs under the rug, which wakes Pluto up again. This is his turf, and he manages to toy with the gopher for a while, until it climbs into a fireplace bellows. Pluto squirts it out, and between a soda bottle and guitar strings, it bounces off the walls for a while before shooting out the dog door game over, winner: gopher!
  • Bearly Asleep (1955)

    Park ranger Donald is pleased the tourist season is over, now he can send those bears he hate out of his sight to hibernate, but Humphrey not only needs a good kick in the backside to get him out of a hammock and into the cave, his shenanigans and snoring inside lead to his eviction by his better-behaved bear brethren. Being too weak and yellow to chase even a rabbit, he can find no natural dwelling, so he tries his luck at the ranger's station, but can't hide his huge self and Donald proves his worth at bear-chasing with a spiked bat to batter Humprey's butt trough the cat-trap. Finally a very human attribute inspires his roguish return to the bear cave...
  • Beezy Bear (1955)

    Beekeeper Donald catches Humphrey the bear raiding his hives. He complains to Ranger Woodlore, who assembles his bears and lectures them. Donald puts up a barbed wire fence, which slows Humphrey down a bit, but doesn't stop him.
  • Pluto's Sweater (1949)


    1h 37m

    6.6 IMDB

    Minnie has just finished knitting a bright pink sweater for Pluto, to his horror and kitten Figaro's amusement. He's thrown outside and has to hide from his canine buddies. After getting tangled up in the sweater Pluto goes in a lake, and the sweater barely covers his head. Minnie is reading the book "The Hooded Monster" when Pluto pops up and scares her, then she's crushed that the sweater has shrunk - until Pluto points out it's now the perfect size for Figaro.
  • Out of Scale (1951)


    1h 37m

    7.4 IMDB

    Donald has a ride-on sized train layout in his backyard. There's a large tree (home to Chip 'n Dale) that's out of scale, so Donald moves it while they're out; they come back to see their tree moving. No problem; one of Donald's model houses is just their size.
  • Ferdinand the Bull (1938)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Walt Disney
    Little Ferdinand would much rather smell the flowers than butt heads with the other cows. When the men come to choose the bull for the fight, Ferdinand accidentally sits on a bumblebee. The men see him dash around madly, so they pick Ferdinand. Comes the bullfight, and all Ferdinand cares about is the bouquet of flowers a woman tossed to the matador.
  • Hawaiian Holiday (1937)


    1h 37m

    6.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Walt Disney
    Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto experience all that Hawaii has to offer. Donald tries hula dancing, Pluto explores the beach and Goofy takes up surfing.
  • How to Swim (1942)

    Goofy shows us how to swim, first using a piano stool to demonstrate the strokes, right into the middle of traffic and back again. Next, Goofy tries to change in a tiny beachhouse and ends up underwater without realizing it. He eats his picnic lunch and finds himself literally tied into knots with cramps. Next, Goofy takes on diving, as first demonstrated by an outline model; of course, for him, it doesn't go nearly as well. Finally, Goofy tries riding the surf in an inner tube, but first it's punctured by an ill-placed anchor, then it turns into a slingshot thanks to a couple of cleverly placed posts.
  • How to Fish (1942)


    1h 37m

    6.8 IMDB

    Goofy's demonstration of fishing is fouled up by his clumsy casting and fly fishing, and problems with his boat.
  • How to Play Football (1944)

    It's Taxidermy Tech vs. Anthropology A&M for this introduction to college football (first piece of special equipment needed: a campus covered in ivy). Among the names borrowed for players: Clyde Geronimi, Don DaGradi, 'John Sibley', Claude Smith.
  • Bone Bandit (1948)


    1h 37m

    6.2 IMDB

    Pluto awakes to find no bone in his dish. It's off to the buried stash, but Pluto discovers that a gopher has been using the bones to support his tunnels, and doesn't want to part with them. The gopher takes advantage of a pollen-laden week to which Pluto is allergic to separate dog and bone repeatedly.
  • How to Play Baseball (1942)


    1h 37m

    7.2 IMDB

    Goofy shows us the national pastime. After a brief overview, we have a demonstration of the many possible pitches. On to the World Series, where we go through an eventful inning, culminating in a baseball that disintegrates when being hit.