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  • Utomlennye solntsem 2 (2011)


    1h 37m

    4.2 IMDB

    Cast:  Artur Smolyaninov
    The final part of Mikhalkov's trilogy about Divisional Commander Kotov finds him returning home during World War II having been betrayed, narrowly escaped execution for treason and nearly reduced to dust in a prison camp. Only to discover that everything has changed and he will have to fight again for his name, for his honor, and for his love.—nitorch
  • The Legend Makers (2013)


    1h 37m

    6.2 IMDB

    Set in the 60s during the war, Vietnamese soldiers have to overcome numerous hardships and dangers to build an oil pipeline all the way from the north to supply the fighters in the South.
  • Ao, le dernier Néandertal (2010)


    1h 37m

    6.3 IMDB

    When his clan, including his wife and baby girl Néa, are massacred, Ao, a desperate Neanderthal, decides to leave the North country where he has been living for the South where he was born. His aim is to join his twin brother, from whom he was separated when he was nine. On his long and adventurous way home, he meets Aki, a Homo sapiens woman.—Guy Bellinger
  • 4 Presidents (2020)


    1h 37m

    5.5 IMDB

    What is the common thread among the only four U.S. Presidents who have been assassinated: Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy? They were also the only four presidents ever to take money-issuing control away from the private banks and turn it over to the U.S. Treasury. Within a year of each president doing so, they were murdered. And within months of their vice-president successors assuming their offices, they returned the money-issuing power to the private banks. "4 PRESIDENTS" provides the first-ever in-depth analysis of this very likely--and very frightening--historic conspiracy.
  • Broken on All Sides: Race, Mass Incarceration and New Visions for Criminal Justice in the U.S. (2012)


    1h 37m

    5.2 IMDB

    The project began as a way to explore, educate about, and advocate change around the overcrowding in the Philadelphia jail system. It has come to focus on mass incarceration across the nation and the intersection of race, poverty, and the criminal justice and penal systems. The documentary centers around Michelle Alexander's theory in her book, The New Jim Crow: since the rise of the drug war and explosion of prison populations, because discretion within the system allows for prosecution of people of color at disproportionately high rates, mass incarceration is a new version of Jim Crow. The movie also dissects the War on Drugs and 'tough on crime' movement, and offers possible reforms and solutions to ending mass incarceration and this new racial caste system.—Anonymous
  • Crack: Cocaine, Corruption & Conspiracy (2021)


    1h 37m

    6.7 IMDB

    Cast:  Clint Eastwood, Michael Douglas, Ronald Reagan, Paul Reubens
    In the early 1980s, the crack epidemic tore through America’s inner cities like a tsunami, ravaging all in its wake.
  • Ip Man (2008)

    Cast:  Donnie Yen, Hiroyuki Ikeuchi
    In 1935 in Foshan, south China, there are martial arts schools on every street corner. Ip Man is the undisputed martial arts champion, yet he has not devoted himself to teaching. Despite this, it seems that all the kung fu masters of the city are eager to fight him to improve their reputation.—Riccardo Amadori
  • Braveheart (1995)


    1h 37m

    8.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Mel Gibson, Brendan Gleeson, Brian Cox, James Cosmo
    William Wallace is a Scottish rebel who leads an uprising against the cruel English ruler Edward the Longshanks, who wishes to inherit the crown of Scotland for himself. When he was a young boy, William Wallace's father and brother, along with many others, lost their lives trying to free Scotland. Once he loses another of his loved ones, William Wallace begins his long quest to make Scotland free once and for all, along with the assistance of Robert the Bruce.—Anonymous
  • Chimes at Midnight (1965)


    1h 37m

    7.7 IMDB

    Cast:  Orson Welles, Ralph Richardson, Margaret Rutherford, John Gielgud
    When King Richard II is dethroned and King Henry IV ascends to the throne, his heir, the Prince of Wales, is befriended by Sir John Falstaff, an old, overweight, fun-loving habitual liar. Through Falstaff's eyes we see the reign of King Henry IV and the rise of Henry V.—grantss
  • Bent (1997)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Rachel Weisz, Jude Law, Paul Bettany, Ian McKellen
    Max is gay and as such is sent to Dachau concentration camp under the Nazi regime. He tries to deny he is gay, and gets a yellow label (the one for Jews) instead of pink (the one for gays). In camp, he falls in love with fellow prisoner Horst, who wears his pink label with pride.
  • La Marseillaise (1938)


    1h 37m

    7 IMDB

    A news-reel like movie about early part of the French Revolution, shown from the eyes of individual people, citizens of Marseille, counts in German exile and, of course the king Louis XVI, showing their own small problems.—Stephan Eichenberg
  • Man Behind the Sun (1988)


    1h 37m

    6.1 IMDB

    Story of a Japanese terror camp in the end of WW2, where the Japanese are using the Chinese as guinea pigs in terrible experiments to develop deadly bacterial-plagues.—Tobias Broljung
  • The Wild Child (1970)


    1h 37m

    7.5 IMDB

    Cast:  François Truffaut
    1798. In a forest, some countrymen catch a wild child who can not walk, speak, read nor write. Doctor Itard is interested by the child, and starts to educate him. Everybody thinks he will fail, but with a lot of love and patience, he manages to obtain results and the child continues with normal development. This is based on true story.—Yepok
  • Japan's Longest Day (1967)


    1h 37m

    7.7 IMDB

    Cast:  Tatsuya Nakadai, Toshirô Mifune, Takashi Shimura
    Following the detonation of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Japanese military and the government clash over the demand from the Allies for unconditional surrender. Minister of the Army Anami leads the military officers who propose to fight on, even to the death of every Japanese citizen. Emperor Hirohito, however, joins with his ministers in asking the unthinkable, the peaceful surrender of Japan. When the military plots a coup to overthrow the Emperor's civilian government, Anami must face the choice between his desires and loyalty to his Emperor.—Jim Beaver
  • Napoleon (1927)


    1h 37m

    8.2 IMDB

    Cast:  Annabella
    A massive six-hour biopic of Napoleon, tracing his career from his schooldays (where a snowball fight is staged like a military campaign), his flight from Corsica, through the French Revolution (where a real storm is intercut with a political storm) and the Terror, culminating in his triumphant invasion of Italy in 1797 (the film stops there because it was intended to be part one of six, but director Abel Gance never raised the money to make the other five). The film's legendary reputation is due to the astonishing range of techniques that Gance uses to tell his story, culminating in the final twenty-minute triptych sequence, which alternates widescreen panoramas with complex multiple- image montages projected simultaneously on three screens.—Michael Brooke