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  • Genre:  Action, Drama, Musical
    Release Year: 2021
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.1 IMDB
    Cast:  Kaitlyn Dever, Amy Adams, Amandla Stenberg, Isaac Powell

    Film adaptation of the Tony and Grammy Award-winning musical by Steven Levenson, Benj Pasek, and Justin Paul about Evan Hansen, a high-school senior with a severe social-anxiety disorder, whose letter to himself that was not meant to be seen by others, lands wrongly into the hands of a classmate who commits suicide. This incident sends Evan on a journey of self-discovery and gives him the chance to finally be accepted by his peers and live the life he never dreamed he could have.

  • Genre:  Comedy, Musical
    Release Year: 1954
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.2 IMDB
    Cast:  Louis de Funès

    In the heart of ancient Greece, the serene and picturesque island of Dionysos is a haven for the worship of Bacchus, the god of wine and revelry. Here, amidst the lush vineyards and azure waters, a secret cult of beautiful priestesses, known as the "Daughters of Dionysos," exists. These women are not only devoted to the god but also skilled in the art of seduction, their beauty and allure legendary throughout Greece. The island's tranquility is shattered when a shipwreck brings Arion, a handsome and enigmatic sailor, to its shores. Rescued by the Daughters of Dionysos, Arion finds himself ensnared in a web of desire and intrigue as he becomes entangled with the cult's charismatic High Priestess, Thalia, played by the stunningly captivating Helena Delacroix. As Arion becomes increasingly drawn to Thalia, he discovers the inner workings of the cult and the forbidden rituals that drive its power. The island's ruler, Lord Demetrius, portrayed with a commanding presence by the legendary actor Alexander Harrington, becomes suspicious of Arion's intentions and sets out to uncover the truth. Amidst swirling passions and the ever-present threat of discovery, "Ah! The Beautiful Priestesses of Bacchus" weaves a spellbinding tale of love and sacrifice. The film explores the tension between devotion and desire, duty and temptation, set against the backdrop of a society steeped in the mysticism of the ancient gods. This classic film from 1954 is a testament to the timeless allure of forbidden love and the enduring power of cinema to transport audiences to another time and place, where the boundaries between passion and devotion blur, leaving viewers breathless and enthralled until the very last frame.

  • Release Year: 2021
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.6 IMDB
    Cast:  Samuel Edwards, Sutton Foster, Colin Donnell, Felicity Kendal

    Filmed live at the Barbican in London, this major new 5-star production of the classic musical comedy features an all-star cast. When the S.S. American heads out to sea, etiquette and convention head out the portholes as two unlikely pairs set off on the course to true love - proving that sometimes destiny needs a little help from a crew of singing sailors, a comical disguise and some good old-fashioned blackmail. This hilarious musical romp across the Atlantic, directed by the multi-award-winning Broadway director and choreographer Kathleen Marshall, features Cole Porter's joyful score, including "I Get A Kick Out of You", "You're the Top" and the show stopping "Anything Goes".

  • Release Year: 1987
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Sridevi, Anil Kapoor

    "Mr. India" follows the story of Arun Verma, a kind-hearted and compassionate man who stumbles upon a device capable of granting its wearer the power of invisibility. With this newfound ability, Arun takes on the alter ego of Mr. India, a masked vigilante determined to protect the innocent and fight against injustice. As Mr. India, Arun faces off against the diabolical villain Mogambo, who seeks to unleash chaos and destruction upon the world. With his gang of henchmen and a plot to acquire control over the device, Mogambo becomes a formidable adversary. Supported by his plucky reporter friend Seema and a group of orphaned children, Mr. India embarks on a series of daring missions to thwart Mogambo's evil plans. Along the way, he must navigate traps, outsmart his enemies, and master the art of invisibility to keep his true identity hidden. "Mr. India" blends thrilling action sequences, comedic moments, and memorable musical numbers, capturing the imagination of audiences. The film explores the themes of heroism, sacrifice, and the power of ordinary individuals to make a difference in the world. Through his alter ego, Arun inspires hope and becomes a symbol of courage and resilience for the people. The film highlights the importance of community, love, and standing up for what is right, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. In a climactic showdown, Mr. India confronts Mogambo, risking everything to save the world from destruction. The film builds to an exhilarating finale that showcases the triumph of good over evil and the indomitable spirit of the human will. "Mr. India" is celebrated for its charismatic performances, iconic characters, and memorable dialogues. It has left an indelible mark on Indian cinema and continues to be cherished by audiences of all ages for its entertainment value and timeless messages. "Mr. India" is an action-packed and entertaining superhero film that captures the spirit of adventure, justice, and heroism. With its blend of action, comedy, and memorable music, the movie remains an enduring classic that has captivated generations of moviegoers.

  • Release Year: 1947
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.9 IMDB
    Cast:  Dean Stockwell, Marie Windsor, Gloria Grahame, Myrna Loy

    Nick Charles (played by William Powell), a witty former private detective, and his sophisticated wife Nora (played by Myrna Loy) have returned to New York City after a well-deserved vacation. However, their plans for relaxation are quickly interrupted when a murder occurs at a popular jazz club. The victim is a band leader, and suspicion falls on various characters within the jazz scene. Nick and Nora, known for their sharp wit and investigative prowess, are pulled into the case, determined to uncover the truth behind the murder. As they delve deeper into the investigation, they encounter a colorful cast of characters, including musicians, gangsters, and socialites. With each new lead, the puzzle becomes increasingly intricate, and danger lurks around every corner. Amidst the glamorous backdrop of high society parties and smoky jazz clubs, Nick and Nora navigate the complex web of secrets and motives that surround the murder. Their quick banter and playful chemistry provide levity amidst the tension and danger they face. With the help of their trusty dog Asta and their connections within the jazz world, Nick and Nora slowly unravel the truth, culminating in a thrilling and surprising climax that will keep audiences on the edge of their seats. "Song of the Thin Man" is a captivating blend of mystery, comedy, and romance, showcasing the timeless charm of the Nick and Nora Charles characters. With its stylish cinematography, a jazzy musical score, and the irresistible chemistry between Powell and Loy, the film delivers a delightful and entertaining detective story that has become a beloved classic of the Thin Man series. As Nick and Nora navigate the twists and turns of the case, they not only solve the murder but also provide audiences with a delightful and witty escape into a world of intrigue, laughter, and old-fashioned detective charm.

  • Release Year: 2021
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.2 IMDB
    Cast:  Alan Tudyk, Stephanie Beatriz, John Leguizamo, Diane Guerrero

    Encanto tells the tale of an extraordinary family, the Madrigals, who live hidden in the mountains of Colombia, in a magical house, in a vibrant town, in a wondrous, charmed place called an Encanto. The magic of the Encanto has blessed every child in the family with a unique gift from super strength to the power to heal-every child except one, Mirabel. But when she discovers that the magic surrounding the Encanto is in danger, Mirabel decides that she, the only ordinary Madrigal, might just be her exceptional family's last hope.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Musical
    Release Year: 1966
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.4 IMDB
    Cast:  Elvis Presley, Marianna Hill, Irene Tsu, James Shigeta

    Rick Richards, a charismatic former pilot turned helicopter tour guide, finds himself in a financial rut in his tropical paradise of Hawaii. To save his struggling business, Rick partners with an old friend, Danny Kohana, to offer unique helicopter tours to eager tourists seeking adventure and breathtaking views of the island. Amidst the stunning backdrop of Hawaii's scenic wonders, Rick's life takes an unexpected turn when he meets the beautiful and spirited Judy Hudson. Instantly smitten by her charm and vitality, Rick finds himself falling in love. However, complications arise when Judy becomes entangled in a professional rivalry between Rick and Danny, who both vie for her affection. As the romantic entanglements unfold, "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" treats its audience to a series of lively musical numbers, capturing the essence of Hawaiian culture and its infectious rhythm. From hula dances on the sandy beaches to catchy tunes celebrating the island's beauty, the film immerses viewers in the vibrant spirit of Hawaii. Alongside the romantic storyline, the film explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the pursuit of dreams. Rick and Danny navigate their professional and personal challenges while striving to find a harmonious balance between their ambitions and their relationships. Ultimately, they learn that true success lies not only in financial gains but also in the bonds of friendship and the joy of pursuing one's passions. In a climactic finale filled with heartfelt emotions and captivating performances, "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" delivers a heartwarming resolution to its romantic and professional conflicts. The film celebrates the beauty of Hawaii, the power of love, and the importance of embracing the laid-back spirit of aloha. "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" invites audiences to escape to a tropical paradise, where love blossoms, friendships are tested, and dreams come true. With its toe-tapping music, picturesque scenery, and a dash of romantic comedy, the film captures the essence of Hawaii's magic and leaves viewers with a longing for their own slice of paradise.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Musical
    Release Year: 2021
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6 IMDB
    Cast:  Maïwenn, Mélanie Thierry, Mathieu Amalric

    A 48-year-old singer/songwriter in search of the Virgin Mary takes on a new identity as guitarist Pat, who has disappeared.

  • Release Year: 1996
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 3 IMDB
    Cast:  Ally Walker, Francis Capra, Efren Ramirez, Jason Trost

    "Kazaam" introduces us to Max Connor, a witty and imaginative 12-year-old boy who often feels invisible and misunderstood. One day, while exploring an abandoned building, Max stumbles upon an old, dusty boombox. Little does he know that this seemingly ordinary object contains a larger-than-life secret. As Max starts to mess with the boombox, he accidentally releases Kazaam, a larger-than-life genie who has been trapped inside for thousands of years. Kazaam, played by Shaquille O'Neal, is a quirky and charismatic genie with a larger-than-life personality. Initially shocked by his unexpected freedom, Kazaam realizes that he is bound to fulfill Max's wishes as his master. Max and Kazaam embark on a series of misadventures, using Kazaam's magical powers to overcome obstacles and confront a local criminal who poses a threat to their community. Along the way, they develop an unlikely friendship, as Kazaam becomes a mentor figure to Max, teaching him valuable lessons about courage, self-belief, and the importance of staying true to oneself. As Max embraces his newfound confidence and the magic of Kazaam's presence in his life, he discovers that the power to make a difference lies within himself. Together, Max and Kazaam face challenges, perform outrageous acts of magic, and inspire those around them to believe in their own potential. "Kazaam" blends elements of comedy, fantasy, and heartfelt moments to entertain audiences of all ages. The film's vibrant visuals, catchy music, and comedic performances create a lighthearted and enjoyable experience. It emphasizes the importance of friendship, family, and the power of dreams. In a climactic finale, Max and Kazaam join forces to overcome their biggest challenge yet, proving that even the most improbable dreams can come true when you have faith in yourself and those around you. "Kazaam" is a feel-good film that celebrates the magic of imagination, the strength of friendship, and the power of believing in oneself. It offers a fun and heartwarming adventure that reminds viewers of the joy and wonder that can be found in the most unexpected places.

  • Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Musical
    Release Year: 2020
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6 IMDB
    Cast:  Justin Kirk, Charley Koontz, Maya Stojan, Zach Tinker

    Two married, down-on-their-luck, actors decide to put on a site-specific play about their unsuccessful life in Hollywood.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Drama, Musical
    Release Year: 2011
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Patti LuPone, Christina Hendricks, Martha Plimpton, Neil Patrick Harris

    The film "Company" centers around the lives of Chandu (played by Vivek Oberoi) and Malik (played by Ajay Devgn), two childhood friends who grow up together in the slums of Mumbai. As they come of age, they find themselves drawn into the criminal world, working for the powerful underworld kingpin, Sultan (played by Pankaj Tripathi). Under Sultan's guidance, Chandu and Malik quickly rise through the ranks, becoming key players in the Mumbai underworld. Chandu, with his charm and street-smart tactics, earns the trust of Sultan and becomes his right-hand man. Malik, on the other hand, is more calculating and ambitious, aiming to establish his own empire within the criminal underworld. As the two friends gain power and influence, their paths begin to diverge. While Chandu remains loyal to Sultan and values their friendship, Malik becomes increasingly power-hungry and seeks to surpass his mentor. Tensions escalate as their criminal activities attract the attention of law enforcement agencies, with the relentless police officer Rathod (played by Mohanlal) leading the charge against the Mumbai mafia. Amidst the dangerous and volatile world of crime and betrayal, Chandu and Malik find themselves caught in a deadly cat-and-mouse game. The loyalty they once shared is tested, leading to a climactic confrontation that will determine the fate of their friendship and their lives. "Company" is known for its realistic portrayal of the Mumbai underworld and its characters. The film is praised for its gritty cinematography, intense performances, and compelling narrative that delves into the complexities of human nature, ambition, and the consequences of choices made in pursuit of power. As the story unfolds, "Company" offers a riveting and thought-provoking examination of the fine line between friendship and rivalry, trust and betrayal, in a world where survival and ambition collide. "Company" remains a critically acclaimed crime thriller that captivates audiences with its gripping storytelling and unforgettable performances. The film stands as a landmark in Indian cinema for its portrayal of the underworld and its characters, showcasing the talents of its ensemble cast and the directorial prowess of Ram Gopal Varma.

  • Release Year: 2017
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.6 IMDB

    The story revolves around a young boy named Gutboy (voiced by a talented child actor), who lives in a gloomy and desolate town plagued by sadness and decay. Gutboy is a quiet and introverted child, struggling with the weight of past traumas that have left him emotionally scarred. As Gutboy navigates his troubled life, he finds solace in his vivid imagination. Escaping from reality, he retreats to an imaginary world he has created in his mind—a surreal and eerie dreamscape known as "The Badtime." In this bizarre realm, Gutboy's inner demons take physical form, manifesting as grotesque and nightmarish creatures. He confronts his fears and struggles, seeking to understand the root of his pain and find a way to heal. Throughout the film, Gutboy's journey in "The Badtime" is paralleled with his real-life experiences, blurring the lines between fantasy and reality. As he battles the creatures and explores the surreal landscapes of his mind, he begins to unravel the painful memories and emotions that have haunted him. Guided by peculiar and enigmatic companions he meets in "The Badtime," including a mysterious talking cat and a melancholic ghost, Gutboy must confront his past traumas, come to terms with his feelings, and discover the strength within himself to overcome his inner darkness. As the story unfolds, "Gutboy: A Badtime Story" presents a deeply emotional and introspective narrative, exploring the themes of coping with trauma, the power of imagination as a coping mechanism, and the importance of acknowledging and expressing one's emotions. The film's animation style is as haunting as its storyline, with a unique blend of dark and atmospheric visuals that enhance the surreal and introspective nature of Gutboy's journey. It immerses the audience in the hauntingly beautiful and unsettling world of "The Badtime," making it an unforgettable cinematic experience. Ultimately, "Gutboy: A Badtime Story" is a haunting and poignant tale of a young boy's struggle to confront his past, find healing within himself, and embrace the power of imagination to navigate through life's darkest moments. It serves as a reminder of the resilience of the human spirit and the importance of facing one's inner demons with courage and compassion.

  • Genre:  Drama, Musical, Romance
    Release Year: 1978
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.3 IMDB
    Cast:  Paul Sorvino

    The story of "Slow Dancing in the Big City" centers around Lou Friedlander, a seasoned and cynical newspaper columnist living in New York City. Lou is known for his sharp wit and biting critiques, but beneath the surface, he carries the weight of personal tragedy and a sense of emotional detachment. One fateful day, Lou witnesses an extraordinary event—an aspiring ballerina named Sarah arrives in New York from the Midwest to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. During a subway mugging, Lou intervenes to protect Sarah, and their chance encounter leads to a profound connection between the two. Sarah is innocent, optimistic, and full of dreams, while Lou is a jaded and skeptical man who has lost faith in love and life. Despite their differences, the two are drawn to each other, finding solace and understanding in the midst of the chaotic and bustling city. As their relationship deepens, Sarah's infectious enthusiasm starts to melt away Lou's emotional armor. She encourages him to embrace life once again and see the beauty in the world around him. Likewise, Lou becomes Sarah's pillar of support as she faces the challenges of pursuing a dance career in a highly competitive and demanding industry. Throughout the film, "Slow Dancing in the Big City" beautifully captures the romance and charm of New York City, as Lou and Sarah navigate their personal struggles and form a unique bond. As their love story unfolds, the movie also delves into the lives of the people in their community, creating a tapestry of human emotions and experiences. The film's title, "Slow Dancing in the Big City," becomes a metaphor for the delicate and tender nature of their relationship, contrasting against the fast-paced and bustling environment that surrounds them. With stellar performances from lead actors Paul Sorvino as Lou and Anne Ditchburn as Sarah, the film showcases the power of human connection in overcoming grief, loss, and personal obstacles. "Slow Dancing in the Big City" is a heartwarming and emotionally resonant drama that highlights the transformative nature of love, showing how it can inspire individuals to embrace life's challenges with newfound hope and optimism. The movie leaves a lasting impression as it explores the fragility and strength of the human heart in the vast and dynamic landscape of New York City.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Drama, Musical
    Release Year: 1933
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.7 IMDB
    Cast:  Joan Blondell, Dennis O'Keefe, Ruby Keeler, Charles Lane

    Set against the backdrop of the Great Depression, "Gold Diggers of 1933" follows the lives of four aspiring chorus girls: Polly (portrayed by Ruby Keeler), Carol (portrayed by Joan Blondell), Trixie (portrayed by Aline MacMahon), and Fay (portrayed by Ginger Rogers). These talented and ambitious young women are struggling to find work in the theater industry, as productions are hampered by financial constraints. When a Broadway producer, Barney Hopkins (portrayed by Ned Sparks), comes up with a daring plan to mount a new musical extravaganza despite the financial challenges, the girls see an opportunity to pursue their dreams. However, their path to stardom is riddled with obstacles, including disapproving family members and financial hardships. As the show's rehearsals begin, the film showcases some of the most iconic and dazzling musical numbers of the era, choreographed by the legendary Busby Berkeley. These elaborate and visually stunning sequences are a feast for the eyes, featuring synchronized dancers, elaborate sets, and spectacular camera angles. Alongside the showbiz glamour, "Gold Diggers of 1933" also explores themes of love and romance. Polly finds herself caught in a love triangle between Brad Roberts (portrayed by Dick Powell), the talented songwriter, and the charming but penniless Andy (portrayed by Warren William). As their personal lives intertwine with their professional aspirations, the characters must navigate the complexities of relationships and societal expectations. As the musical takes shape, the girls' perseverance and talent begin to pay off, but unforeseen circumstances threaten to derail their dreams once again. With ingenuity and determination, they rally together to salvage their show and prove that the magic of entertainment can lift spirits even in the darkest of times. "Gold Diggers of 1933" is a captivating and infectious musical extravaganza that transports audiences back in time to a glamorous and tumultuous era. With its memorable performances, dazzling dance sequences, and infectious tunes like "We're in the Money" and "Remember My Forgotten Man," the film remains a timeless classic that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the joy of artistic expression during challenging times.

  • Release Year: 2007
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.3 IMDB
    Cast:  Tara Strong

    In a wondrous Christmas-themed world, the toys come to life when the clock strikes midnight. Jerry, the clever and adventurous little mouse, takes on the role of the Nutcracker and becomes a brave defender of the young ballerina, Tuffy (a sweet and innocent character), who dreams of becoming a prima ballerina. However, their magical kingdom is threatened by the sinister Mouse King (an imposing and cunning antagonist) and his army of mice, who seek to plunge the world into darkness and steal the joy of Christmas. Tuffy, the Mouse Queen (a strong and determined character), and all the toys are locked in an eternal battle with the Mouse King's forces. Amidst the chaos, the ever-competitive Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse find themselves caught up in this magical realm, where they must put their differences aside and work together to help their new friends. Initially reluctant, Tom and Jerry eventually realize the importance of teamwork and friendship in this enchanted world. As Jerry, Tuffy, Tom, and other toys join forces, they embark on an epic adventure to free Tuffy from the clutches of the Mouse King and save the Christmas kingdom. Through twists and turns, laughter, and thrilling action sequences, the group faces numerous challenges, with Tom and Jerry finding themselves in hilarious and precarious situations. With the fate of Christmas and their friends at stake, Tom and Jerry put aside their long-standing rivalry and develop a heartfelt bond, showcasing the true spirit of the holiday season. As they journey through a magical world of snowflakes, toy soldiers, and enchanting dances, they learn the power of unity, sacrifice, and the joy of giving. "Tom and Jerry: A Nutcracker Tale" is a heartwarming and delightful holiday adventure that weaves together the classic elements of "The Nutcracker" with the timeless antics of Tom and Jerry. As the cat-and-mouse duo learn the true meaning of friendship and selflessness, the movie offers a perfect blend of excitement, laughter, and the warmth of Christmas cheer, making it a cherished holiday favorite for all ages.