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  • Tih Minh (1918)


    1h 37m

    7 IMDB

    While on a trip to Asia, a French adventurer Jacques gets engaged to Tin Mihn. During his stint in India, he gets hold of a mysterious book but he ain't aware of its origins or value. The book has the valuable last will and testament of Rajah Oursavi, which contains clues about an Indian treasure along with some coded message revealing the whereabouts of sensitive government intelligence. Unaware, Jacques is stalked by foreign spies, an Indian god-man cum hypnotist specialized in herbal medicines and an evil German doctor, who all will stop at nothing to obtain the book. Jacques n Tin Mihn has to face burglaries, attempted murders, superfluous disguises, kidnappings, hypnoses and amnesia-inducing drugs.
  • Hailey Dean Mystery Hailey Dean Mystery: 2 + 2 = Murder (2018)


    1h 37m

    6.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Kellie Martin, Chad Lowe, Giacomo Baessato, Matthew MacCaull
    Hailey attends her niece's school recital only to learn that the beloved music teacher has vanished. Hailey soon discovers several startling secrets amongst the staff, as well as a link between the missing young teacher and the school's reconstruction funds.
  • Man Facing Southeast (1986)


    1h 37m

    7.6 IMDB

    A new patient mysteriously appears in a psychiatric ward. He claims to come from another planet to study humans and their behavior. The alien is gentle but criticizes humans for their harsh treatment of each other. The assigned psychiatrist is himself unhappy, and affected by the patient's insight. But he is ordered to treat the patient according to institutional procedure.
  • A Study in Scarlet (1933)


    1h 37m

    5.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Anna May Wong
    Members of a secret "trust" that meets in Limehouse are being murdered, and a victim's widow enlists Sherlock Holmes' help. The atmospheric doings involve coded messages, a pretty heiress, sinister villains, and a country mansion with a secret passage. The story bears no relation to the novel of the same name.
  • Double Door (1934)


    1h 37m

    6.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Evelyn Venable, Anne Revere
    In a gloomy New York City mansion of wealthy landowners, a controlling, manipulative older woman with a family grudge rules over her younger sister and step-brother. The brother tries to break away and marries, but it's up to the young bride to break the matriarch's grip.
  • The Inugami Family (1976)


    1h 37m

    7.2 IMDB

    Cast:  Y√īko Shimada
    When a tycoon passes away, he unexpectedly leaves the family fortune to outsider Tamayo on the condition that she marries one of the grandsons, pitting blood against blood.
  • Antlers (2021)


    1h 37m

    5.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Jesse Plemons, Keri Russell, Dendrie Taylor, Graham Greene
    In a small town in central Oregon, Frank Weaver runs a meth lab out of an abandoned mine. While his young son Aiden waits outside the mine in his truck, Frank and an accomplice are attacked by an unseen creature. Investigating strange noises, Aiden is also attacked by the creature. Frank and Aiden survive their encounter with the creature and return home, where their condition quickly worsens. Frank sets up a locked room and demands that no matter what, Aiden's older brother Lucas keeps them locked inside.
  • Murder to the Tune of the Seven Black Notes (1977)


    1h 37m

    6.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Jennifer O'Neill
    A clairvoyant woman, inspired by a vision, smashes open a section of wall in her husband's home and finds a skeleton behind it. Along with her psychiatrist, she seeks to find the truth about who the person was and who put her there. Soon enough, she starts to realize the possibility that she may share the victim's fate...
  • After.Life (2009)


    1h 37m

    5.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson, Justin Long, Utkarsh Ambudkar
    After a horrific car accident, Anna (Ricci) wakes up to find the local funeral director Eliot Deacon (Neeson) preparing her for her funeral. Confused, terrified and feeling still very much alive, Anna doesn't believe she's dead, despite the funeral director's reassurances she's merely in transition to the afterlife. Eliot convinces her he has the ability to communicate with the dead and is the only one who can help her. Trapped inside the funeral home, with nobody to turn to except Eliot, Anna's forced to accept her own death. But Anna's grief-stricken boyfriend Paul (Long) can't shake the suspicion that Eliot isn't what he appears to be.
  • The House (2022)

    Cast:  Mia Goth, Helena Bonham Carter, Matthew Goode, Paul Kaye
    Across different eras, a poor family, an anxious developer and a fed-up landlady become tied to the same mysterious house in this animated dark comedy.
  • Entropy (2022)


    1h 37m

    2.4 IMDB

    On the same day Abbey is diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she and her girlfriend, Miranda, are invited to dinner by Miranda's former self-help group to celebrate the return of their estranged friend, Scott, who left to discover the origins of their practices. Throughout the night, Abbey realizes that all is not as it seems, that no one is as who they've portrayed themselves to be, and that Scott and the others have their own sinister methods by which they intend to heal her cancer-wracked body.
  • Song of the Thin Man (1947)


    1h 37m

    6.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Dean Stockwell, Marie Windsor, Gloria Grahame, Myrna Loy
    Nick and Nora Charles are asked by Phil Brant and Janet Thayar, who have just eloped, to help them after band leader Tommy Drake is killed at a society dance which Nick and Nora also attended. The police are looking to arrest Brant for the murder and while he claims he's innocent, Nick isn't too keen on having him in the house and turns him over to the police. As they look into the case, Nick and Nora learn that Drake wasn't very well liked and there are actually several people who benefited from his death. Drake owed money to loan shark Al Amboy, and Janet's father disliked Brant and may have set him up. Drake's girlfriend may have been having a fling with clarinetist Buddy Hollis, and he and Drake had a fist fight on stage during the festivities. Nick arranges for another party on the same boat where Nora notices something quite peculiar about one of the guest's jewelry.
  • Fragile (2005)

    Cast:  Elena Anaya, Richard Roxburgh, Calista Flockhart, Ivana Baquero
    An American nurse takes a temporary position on the night shift at a closing children's hospital on the Isle of Wight. When every shift is plagued by spooky occurrences and things that go bump in the night, she begins to believe the stories of one of the child patients, who insists the hospital is haunted by a dangerous presence emanating from the long-abandoned second floor.
  • Guys Reading Poems (2016)


    1h 37m

    5.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Alexander Dreymon, Patricia Velasquez, Omar Leyva, Lydia Hearst
    A resourceful boy creatively uses poetry to survive when his mother, a disturbed avant garde painter, locks him in a puppet box and builds an art installation around his imprisonment.
  • Final Voyage (2019)


    1h 37m

    5 IMDB

    Two outlaws on the run encounter an old abandoned spaceship in the desert. In the last minute they escape their pursuers into space and set off in search of a new home. More and more, however, they are drawn into fundamentally different directions. While Adem discovers the ship's enigmatic past, Novak is increasingly drawn into the spell of a hypnotic power.