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  • Sister, Sister (1987)


    1h 37m

    5.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Jennifer Jason Leigh, Eric Stoltz, Judith Ivey, Natalija Nogulich
    Matt Rutledge is on business in the Louisiana country. He decides to stay at an old house which is a bed-and-breakfast type of place owned by two sisters, Charlotte and younger Lucy. Charlotte is in and out of love with town sheriff Cleve Doucet while seductive Lucy is attracted to Matt.
  • The Weekend Away (2022)


    1h 37m

    5.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Leighton Meester, Luke Norris, Parth Thakerar, Iva Mihalic
    Two best friends, Kate and Beth who have overcome personal setbacks and no matter what life throws at them, they always look forward to their annual weekend way. This year they are on a trip to Croatia, and everything is perfect until Beth wakes up to find Kate missing. With only a fuzzy memory of the previous night and the police not helping, her frantic search uncovers devastating secrets closer to home.
  • The Secret (1974)


    1h 37m

    6.7 IMDB

    Cast:  Jean-Louis Trintignant
    A stranger enters into and forever alters the life of a couple. He claims to be pursued by certain authorities who intend to prevent him from disclosing a secret that only he holds, whence the title. Is he lying, or insane - or is he telling the truth? Who, if anyone, is after him? And what *is* - the secret?
  • The Intruder (1999)

    Cast:  Molly Parker, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Nastassja Kinski, John Hannah
    Catherine meets Nick by accident and, after a whirlwind romance, the two get married and Catherine moves into Nick's apartment only that's the start of problems when an unseen intruder begins playing strange mind games with Catherine in an apparent attempt to drive her insane. Catherine first suspects Nick is behind it, then suspicion moves to his business partner Badge, then to Nick's friends, until Catherine suspects that Nick's first wife Stella, who commited suicide years before, may be behind the occurrences which she may be committing from either beyond the grave, or by a time vortex within the apartment itself which may have let to her suicide in the first place.
  • Death Ship (1980)

    Cast:  Richard Crenna, George Kennedy, Saul Rubinek, Adolf Hitler
    Survivors of a tragic shipping collision are rescued by a mysterious black ship which appears out of the fog. Little do they realize that the ship is actually a Nazi torture ship which has sailed the seas for years, luring unsuspecting sailors aboard and killing them off one by one.
  • On the 3rd Day (2021)

    Cecilia and her son Martín have a car accident. On the third day after the crash, she wanders by herself on a lonely route and there is no clue of her son. She can't remember what happened during this time and she is desperately looking for her son. On her quest she finds coincidences with her case and other police files, which seem to be acts of a brutal hunting. The circles goes round and Cecilia will end up facing a religious man, who is the responsible of this slaughter. For her, he is a lunatic. For him, Cecilia is the enemy.
  • Bushwhacked (1995)

    Cast:  Ann Dowd, Kenny Johnson, Daniel Stern, Michael O'Neill
    As Max is on the job making a delivery, he finds out that the guy who hired him was using him to move money around--and that he is dead. Afraid that the police will think he is the killer, he flees and gets forced to pose as a Scout leader for a bunch of kids hiking through the mountains as the police pursue him.
  • Cube (2021)

    In the remake of the Canadian film, six males and females of varying ages and backgrounds find themselves locked and confined in a mysterious cube shaped room. They do not have any ideas where they are and decide to escape. They need to work with one another and decipher the code needed to exit the cube.
  • The 12th Suspect (2019)


    1h 37m

    5.7 IMDB

    A military detective investigating the murder of a poet in the immediate aftermath of the Korean War.
  • Parents (2016)


    1h 37m

    5.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Christian Tafdrup, Søren Malling
    When their son, Esben, moves out, Kjeld and Vibeke decide to relocate to a smaller home. They discover that the apartment they lived in back when they were students is up for sale and agree to buy it and make a new start. Kjeld furnishes the apartment the way it was furnished back then, and for a while the two relive their sweet days of youth. But events take a turn neither of them had expected when they wake up one morning and find that they are actually thirty years younger.
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Tom Selleck, Jessica Hecht, Kathy Baker, Camryn Manheim
    Jesse Stone and Captain Healy are shot during an unauthorized stake-out in Boston. Meanwhile, a cryptic letter sent from Paradise leads the mother of a kidnapped child to Stone. Though her son was declared dead, she hopes he will reopen the case.
  • Ultrasound (2021)


    1h 37m

    5.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Davida Williams, Vincent Kartheiser, Breeda Wool, Bob Stephenson
    After his car breaks down, Glen spends one hell of an odd night with a married couple, setting into motion a chain of events that alter their lives plus those of several random strangers.
  • Outsiders (2021)


    1h 37m

    4 IMDB

    Cast:  Shane West, Taryn Manning, Rutina Wesley, Zak Steiner
    When Black high school student Jaylen Brown (Skylan Brooks) finds himself under suspicion after his classmate, Amira (Clark Backo), disappears during a party, all fingers point toward him as prejudice quickly boils to the surface in his small southern town. Working against the clock to clear his name and uncover the truth about Amira's mysterious disappearance, Jaylen begins to unravel a massive web of secrets that reveal otherworldly forces at play.
  • Sex of the Witch (1973)


    1h 37m

    4.3 IMDB

    Cast:  Camille Keaton
    Sir Thomas Hilton, a rich cynical wine-grower gathers all his descendants around his death bed, tells his life and declares that he wants to bring with him the terrible family secret only he knows: the power to transform human cells. He curses all his family, in particular his children whom he loathed for their material greed. After his death and burial, the notary proceeds to read his testament: the patrimony must remain intact and equally divided among all, with the exception of his sister, Evelyn who deserved to be disinherited for the hatred professed towards relatives. The heirs, who remained in common accord with the castle, enjoy the inheritance and indulge in a search for pleasure without inhibitions. But Evelyn knows the secret that Thomas believed he had brought with him to the grave. Shortly after his burial, one by one, Thomas' relatives, are dying of unnatural causes. Soon, the police is investigating Evelyn who is said to be a modern witch with supernatural powers.
  • Reeker (2005)


    1h 37m

    5.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Michael Ironside, Arielle Kebbel, Eric Mabius, Marcia Strassman
    Strangers trapped at an eerie travel oasis in the desert must unravel the mystery behind their visions of dying people while they are preyed upon by a decaying creature.