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  • Genre:  Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
    Release Year: 2021
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 1.4 IMDB

    A deep space crew takes a job on a mysterious remote planet. A crash landing strands them on the hostile surface. Soon they find out what creatures live there, and the hidden fate of the crew before them.

  • Release Year: 1973
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 4.3 IMDB
    Cast:  Ernest Borgnine, Yvette Mimieux, Ben Gazzara, Walter Pidgeon

    Aboard the R/V Triton, the Project Neptune team is doing oceanographic research. Director Andrews is trying to keep the research going in spite of opposition from Foundation Head Sheppard. Below on the ocean floor, in the Sealab, the team led by Hamilton is about to return to the surface when the Sealab is ripped loose from its moorings and sent careening into a trench. Trapped too deep for divers, the only chance is rescue by a new US Navy mini-sub, piloted by the arrogant CDR Blake USN, Chief Diver MacKay, Diver Cousins, and Dr. Jansen (Hamilton's fiancé) dive in the mini-sub to attempt the rescue of the trapped Hamilton and crew.

  • Release Year: 2007
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 3 IMDB
    Cast:  Jennifer Gibson, Jessalyn Gilsig, Ryan McDonell, Emily Tennant

    While on a flight home from Colombia, the plane that Dr. Carrie Ross and her daughter are on is attacked by bullet ants whose sting is the most painful and deadliest on the planet. Joining forces with air marshal Ethan Hart, Dr. Ross, an entomologist, tries desperately to save the flight from disaster. In the end, their struggle brings them closer together and offers the couple hope for the future.

  • Genre:  Action, Horror, Sci-Fi, War
    Release Year: 2008
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Richard Brake, Ray Stevenson, Michael Smiley

    In a seedy bar in a town ravaged by war, mysterious businessman Hunt hires ex-marine D.C. to assemble a crack team of ex-soldiers to protect him on a dangerous journey into no-man's land. To this gang of hardened warriors, battle-worn veterans and borderline criminals killing is just a job - and one they enjoy. Their mission - to scope out an old military bunker. It should be easy - 48 hours at the most. Lots of cash for little risk, or so he says. Once at the outpost, the men make a horrific discovery that turns their mission on its head - the scene of a bloody and gruesome series of experiments, carried out by the Nazis on their own soldiers during WWII. Amid the carnage, they find something even more disturbing - someone who's still alive. As war rages above ground, and a mysterious enemy emerges from the darkness below, D.C. and his men find themselves trapped in a claustrophobic and terrifying scenario. Their mission is no longer one of safe-guarding - it's one of survival. Together they must discover why Hunt has brought them to the outpost - and what it is that's killing them off, one by one.

  • Genre:  Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
    Release Year: 1988
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 4.5 IMDB
    Cast:  Julie Newmar, Anthony Eisley, Michael Forest, Charles Napier

    An American satellite with a new biological weapon gets out of control and crashes onto US territory. A slimy monster emerges and manages to escape, killing everyone who crosses his path. Police Lieutenant McLemore gets the job to stop the killing machine.

  • Genre:  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
    Release Year: 2021
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.7 IMDB
    Cast:  Florence Pugh, Scarlett Johansson, David Harbour, Olga Kurylenko

    In Marvel Studios' action-packed spy thriller "Black Widow," Natasha Romanoff aka Black Widow confronts the darker parts of her ledger when a dangerous conspiracy with ties to her past arises. Pursued by a force that will stop at nothing to bring her down, Natasha must deal with her history as a spy and the broken relationships left in her wake long before she became an Avenger.

  • Release Year: 2020
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.3 IMDB
    Cast:  Sasha Alexander, Michael Chiklis, Colin Salmon, Minae Noji

    Mercenary and master assassin Slade Wilson leads two lives: one as the relentless killer known as Deathstroke, and the other as a dedicated family man. When these worlds collide, forced together by the vicious terror group known as H.I.V.E., it is the killer in Slade who must fight to save his loved ones, as well as what remains of himself. With his soul torn apart and his young son held captive, Deathstroke will have to atone for the sins of his past to fuel the battles of his future.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
    Release Year: 1972
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 4.8 IMDB

    Mike, a Vietnam War veteran from New York, has just landed in Israel. He left the United States as an anti-war protest, and for the last two years has been traveling, primarily in Europe. To those not in the know, Mike's travels look to be aimless, but he is searching for a group of like-minded people where they can settle in total freedom, which is to represent his anti-establishment sentiments, the establishment which turned him into a murderer as a G.I. However, wherever he has traveled, he has been followed by two human figures, the personification of repression, and for him the death of his spirit and soul. He finds who he believes to be at least three of those like minded individuals - Elizabeth, an actress who comes from wealth, and her friends Françoise and Komo. As they search for their Utopia, the question becomes if they find that place - both in geography and in spirit - whether it will be all that they believe it will be.

  • Genre:  Fantasy, Sci-Fi
    Release Year: 2017
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 3.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Amrit Kaur, Sonia Dhillon Tully

    A post-apocalyptic tale about a young black woman who is trapped in a world forced upon her. Ti-Jeanne, a reluctant priestess, must resurrect Caribbean spirits and survive the possession ritual that killed her mother or her people will die. The fantasy elements of Brown Girl Begins have their basis in Caribbean folklore, inspired by Nalo Hopkinson's award winning novel, Brown Girl in the Ring. It's 2049 and Toronto the Good has been taken over by the wealthy, who have built a wall around the city and expelled the poor to an island off the coast, known as The Burn. The segregated Burn dwellers have been forced to scrape out a living by bartering, recycling, and farming. Mami is the unspoken leader of the Burn, sharing her Caribbean herb lore and leading her followers in an ancient spiritual practice. Ti-Jeanne turns 19 and the time has come for her to succeed her grandmother and become a Priestess. When Mami tries to prepare her to take part in the same possession ceremony that killed her mother, Ti-Jeanne refuses. She flees with her young love Tony to the other side of the Burn in hopes of leaving the spirit business behind. Until - out of the ashes of The Burn, a drug lord rises to take control of the remaining population and uses his right hand, Crack, to torment the Burn dwellers and prepare them for sale to mainlanders as smart slaves. When Crack begins torturing the children of the Burn, Ti-Jeanne embracing her other-worldly powers as a priestess is the only hope to save them. Can Ti-Jeanne handle the power of the spirits she has been so afraid of and save her people or will her fear kill her?

  • Genre:  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
    Release Year: 1986
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 4.1 IMDB

    After hijacking a space shuttle, a spy finds that the controls are malfunctioning and sees alien battleships approaching Earth. Many years later, when the arc of his flight path returns to earth, he finds the planet under alien domination.

  • Release Year: 2018
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 3.2 IMDB
    Cast:  Alex Essoe

    In an effort to repair a stale relationship, JOHN accompanies his archaeologist girlfriend, AMY to a remote island to locate Ancient Native Artifacts. They discover extremely old cave markings along with a long lost believed to be sacred mask; when it disappears, strange occurrences happen which unleashes a mythological creature that hunts them down as they try to escape and get off the island.

  • Genre:  Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
    Release Year: 2016
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 2.4 IMDB

    In a dystopian near future, a corporate heist goes wrong and the team members struggle to survive a desperate escape through the apocalyptic sprawl with their stolen prize, a weapon of unspeakable power. As they navigate the urban wasteland, they must contend with barbaric gangs, corporate death squads and the terrifying truth about the weapon they have stolen.

  • Genre:  Action, Sci-Fi
    Release Year: 1955
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5 IMDB
    Cast:  Frances Gifford, Phyllis Coates, Arthur Space

    Jean Evans of an international wildlife foundation has made herself at home in Africa as the elephant-riding, vine-swinging, miniskirted 'Panther Girl.' On safari to film animals, Jean encounters something really wild; a giant crayfish monster (created by greedy scientist Morgan who, with his henchmen, hopes to scare everyone out of the district, then secretly mine diamonds). Jungle perils aplenty stand between Jean (an active, competent heroine) and her hunter friend Larry and their goal of tracing the 'claw monster' to its source.

  • Release Year: 2006
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.3 IMDB
    Cast:  Mark Hamill, Kari Wahlgren, Yuri Lowenthal, Chase Masterson

    The movie picks up the Robotech storyline years after the events of the original series. Humanity, still recovering from the devastating Invid invasion, has united under the banner of the Robotech Expeditionary Force (REF) to explore the far reaches of the galaxy and seek new sources of energy. As the REF embarks on its mission, it encounters a mysterious and powerful alien race known as the Haydonites. These enigmatic beings possess advanced technology and have their own motives that are not entirely clear. Suspicion and tension arise as the REF tries to navigate the intricate web of interstellar politics and alliances. Meanwhile, a new threat emerges from the shadows—the Invid Regess, thought to have been defeated, reappears with a powerful armada, determined to reclaim Earth and its precious protoculture energy source. The REF, led by Admiral Rick Hunter and his crew, must now confront this resurgence of the Invid while also dealing with the Haydonite mystery. Key characters from the original series, including Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, and Scott Bernard, return, and new heroes and villains are introduced, adding depth and complexity to the Robotech universe. The film explores themes of trust, unity, and the consequences of humanity's quest for power and knowledge in a vast and dangerous cosmos. "Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles" is a visually stunning animated feature that brings the beloved Robotech franchise into the 21st century. It blends thrilling space battles with character-driven drama, appealing to both longtime fans and newcomers. With its rich lore and intricate storytelling, the movie expands upon the Robotech mythos and sets the stage for future adventures in the Robotech universe.

  • Release Year: 2013
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.4 IMDB
    Cast:  Murathan Muslu, Edita Malovcic

    In the heart of the Austrian Alps, a group of scientists, including geologist Janek, ecologist Tanja, and technician Falk, are stationed at a remote research outpost to monitor the effects of climate change on the glaciers. They live in relative isolation, connected to the outside world only by radio communication. One day, a glacial meltdown reveals a crimson liquid oozing from deep within the ice. The substance seems to have a mutagenic effect on local wildlife, transforming them into horrifying hybrids of various creatures. As these bloodthirsty monsters begin to encroach on the outpost, the team's initial shock and disbelief turn to sheer terror. As the situation escalates and the creatures become more aggressive and numerous, the group's survival instincts kick in. They must put aside their personal conflicts and work together to fortify the outpost and find a way to contact the outside world for help. Tensions rise, and trust becomes a scarce commodity among the scientists, leading to a series of chilling confrontations. Amidst the chaos, they discover that the mutant organisms are not only a threat to their lives but also potentially a global catastrophe if they escape the mountains. With time running out and their numbers dwindling, the team races against the clock to contain the horrifying mutation and prevent it from spreading beyond the confines of the blood-soaked glacier. "Blood Glacier" is a suspenseful and gory journey into the heart of environmental horror, where the consequences of human actions come back to haunt us in the most nightmarish way possible.