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  • Genre:  Action, Documentary, Sport
    Release Year: 2020
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.1 IMDB

    Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad is a documentary film that takes the audience on a nostalgic journey through the history of the Rom Skatepark in Hornchurch, East London. The film delves into the skatepark's rich 40-year history, chronicling its evolution from a local hangout spot to a globally renowned destination for skateboarders, BMX riders, and other extreme sports enthusiasts. Through interviews with the park's founders, local skaters, and international legends of the sport, the documentary explores the cultural impact of Rom Skatepark and its role in shaping the skateboarding and BMX scenes. The film also captures the sense of community and camaraderie that has developed among the park's regulars over the years, highlighting the enduring passion and dedication of the individuals who have contributed to the park's legacy. As the documentary unfolds, viewers are treated to a visual feast of archival footage, showcasing the evolution of skateboarding and BMX riding styles, as well as the landmark events and competitions that have taken place at Rom Skatepark. The film pays homage to the pioneers and local heroes who have left an indelible mark on the park's history, while also celebrating the next generation of talent that continues to push the boundaries of what is possible on a skateboard or BMX bike. Rom Boys: 40 Years of Rad serves as a love letter to the skatepark and the subculture it has fostered, offering a nostalgic and inspiring look at the enduring spirit of skateboarding and BMX riding.

  • Genre:  Action, Documentary, Sport
    Release Year: 2020
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.7 IMDB
    Cast:  Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    Basketball County: In the Water is a documentary film that explores the rich history and culture of basketball in Prince George's County, Maryland. The film delves into the unique and powerful influence that basketball has had on the community, shaping the lives of its residents and producing some of the greatest basketball talent in the world. Through interviews with players, coaches, and community members, the film chronicles the rise of basketball in the county, highlighting the challenges and triumphs of the players who emerged from this basketball hotbed. From the legendary DeMatha Catholic High School to the iconic playground courts, the film captures the passion, dedication, and resilience of the individuals who have made Prince George's County a basketball powerhouse. With a focus on the impact of the sport beyond the court, the documentary also sheds light on the social and cultural significance of basketball in the community, showcasing its ability to unite and inspire people from all walks of life. Basketball County: In the Water celebrates the indelible legacy of basketball in Prince George's County, paying tribute to the players and the community that have made it a true basketball county.

  • Genre:  Action, Drama, Sport
    Release Year: 2020
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.5 IMDB
    Cast:  Elizabeth Reaser, Stephen Dorff, Lindsey Garrett, Donald Faison

    Embattled is a gripping drama that follows the life of Cash Boykins, a talented mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who is struggling to break free from his troubled past. As a child, Cash was raised by his abusive father, Jett Boykins, a former MMA champion who instilled in him a relentless drive to win at any cost. Despite his father's influence, Cash's passion for fighting is fueled by a desire to prove himself and escape the cycle of violence that has defined his family for generations. As Cash rises through the ranks of the MMA world, he is forced to confront his inner demons and grapple with the toxic legacy of his father's abuse. Along the way, he forms a deep bond with his younger brother, Jett Jr., who looks up to Cash as a hero and yearns to follow in his footsteps. However, their relationship becomes strained as Jett Jr. begins to question the destructive nature of their family's obsession with fighting. As Cash prepares for the most important fight of his career, he is faced with a choice that will define his legacy both inside and outside the ring. Will he continue to embrace the violent legacy of his father, or will he find the strength to break free and forge a new path for himself and his family? As the climactic fight approaches, Cash must confront his past and make a decision that will change the course of his life forever.

  • Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Sport, Action
    Release Year: 2008
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Diego Luna, Gael García Bernal, Fermín Martínez, Harold Torres

    Rudo y Cursi is a Mexican film that follows the story of two brothers, Tato and Beto, who work as banana pickers in a small village. Despite their humble beginnings, they both share a passion for soccer and dream of making it big in the sport. Their lives take an unexpected turn when a talent scout discovers their skills during a local soccer match. Tato, a talented but hot-headed striker, and Beto, a skilled but superstitious goalkeeper, are given the opportunity to join professional soccer teams in Mexico City. The brothers quickly rise to fame and fortune, but they soon realize that success comes with its own set of challenges. Tato gets caught up in the glamorous lifestyle of a celebrity athlete, indulging in parties, women, and gambling, while Beto struggles to keep his family together and resist the temptations that come with his newfound wealth. As their personal lives begin to unravel, the brothers' rivalry on and off the field intensifies, putting their relationship to the ultimate test. Despite the setbacks and betrayals, Tato and Beto learn valuable lessons about love, loyalty, and the true meaning of success. In the end, they must decide whether to let their differences tear them apart or come together as a team to overcome the obstacles standing in the way of their dreams.

  • Genre:  Action, Drama, Sport
    Release Year: 1969
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.1 IMDB
    Cast:  Robert Wagner, Richard Thomas, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward

    Winning is a 1969 American sports drama film directed by James Goldstone. The plot follows Frank Capua, a professional race car driver who is determined to win the Indianapolis 500. Frank is dedicated to his career and is willing to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal, even if it means sacrificing his personal life. His single-minded focus on winning causes strain in his marriage with his wife Elora, who feels neglected and unappreciated. Despite the challenges in their relationship, Elora remains supportive of Frank and his ambitions. As the Indianapolis 500 approaches, Frank faces intense competition from other skilled drivers, including his rival Luther Erding. The pressure to succeed takes a toll on Frank, both physically and emotionally. He must confront his inner demons and reevaluate his priorities in order to find the balance between his passion for racing and his relationships. Throughout the film, the audience witnesses the thrilling and dangerous world of professional racing, as well as the personal struggles and sacrifices of the characters. In the end, Winning is not just about the race itself, but also about the personal victories and losses that come with pursuing one's dreams.

  • Genre:  Comedy, Sport, Action
    Release Year: 2009
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.5 IMDB
    Cast:  Seann William Scott, Leonor Varela, Randy Quaid, Ryan Lee

    Gary Houseman, a down-on-his-luck high school janitor with a passion for tennis, is given the opportunity of a lifetime when he is offered the chance to coach the school's struggling tennis team. Determined to turn the team's fortunes around, Gary throws himself into the role, despite having no coaching experience. With the help of an eccentric assistant coach and a group of misfit players, Gary embarks on a journey of self-discovery and redemption. As the team faces off against their rivals in the championship match, Gary must confront his own insecurities and past failures in order to lead his team to victory. Along the way, he forms unlikely friendships and learns valuable lessons about perseverance, teamwork, and the true meaning of success. Through humor, heart, and plenty of tennis action, Balls Out: The Gary Houseman Story is a feel-good sports comedy that proves anyone can be a champion with the right attitude and determination.

  • Release Year: 2015
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.2 IMDB
    Cast:  George Hamilton, Johnny Knoxville

    Being Evel is a 2015 documentary film that delves into the life and legacy of the iconic American daredevil, Evel Knievel. The film takes the audience on a thrilling journey through the highs and lows of Knievel's career, showcasing his incredible stunts and the impact he had on popular culture. Through a combination of archival footage, interviews with family, friends, and colleagues, as well as reenactments of Knievel's most famous jumps, the film provides a comprehensive look at the man behind the legend. Viewers are given an intimate glimpse into Knievel's personal life, including his struggles, triumphs, and the profound influence he had on aspiring daredevils and thrill-seekers around the world. Being Evel captures the essence of a true American icon, portraying Knievel as a complex and charismatic figure who defied the odds and pushed the boundaries of what was thought to be possible. The film celebrates Knievel's indomitable spirit and enduring legacy, highlighting his lasting impact on the world of extreme sports and his status as a cultural phenomenon. Being Evel is a riveting portrait of a man who lived life on the edge and left an indelible mark on the world, inspiring generations to pursue their dreams and never back down from a challenge.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Drama, Family, Sport
    Release Year: 1992
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.3 IMDB
    Cast:  Bill Pullman, David Strathairn, Lori Petty, Téa Leoni

    In the midst of World War II, with the men away fighting, the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League is formed to keep the national pastime alive. Dottie Hinson and her younger sister Kit Keller are recruited to join the Rockford Peaches, a struggling team managed by the grumpy Jimmy Dugan. As the women face challenges on and off the field, they bond as a team and defy the expectations of their male counterparts. Dottie emerges as the star player, while Kit struggles to live up to her sister's shadow. The league gains popularity, but faces opposition from those who believe women should not be playing professional baseball. As the Peaches make their way to the World Series, tensions rise between Dottie and Kit, threatening to tear the team apart. In the end, the sisters reconcile and come together to secure a hard-fought victory, proving that women are more than capable of playing the game they love. The film concludes with a reunion of the real-life players, honoring the trailblazing women who paved the way for future generations of female athletes.

  • Release Year: 2010
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.5 IMDB
    Cast:  Donnie Yen, Darren Shahlavi, Sammo Kam-Bo Hung, Lynn Hung

    Ip Man 2 is a biographical martial arts film that continues the story of Ip Man, a legendary Wing Chun master. The movie is set in the 1950s, when Ip Man moves to Hong Kong and sets up a Wing Chun school. As he tries to establish himself in the bustling city, he faces challenges from both rival martial arts schools and the British colonial authorities. Ip Man's dedication to promoting the art of Wing Chun and his unwavering principles are put to the test as he navigates the complex social and political landscape of Hong Kong. In the midst of these challenges, Ip Man also takes on a new generation of students, including a young Bruce Lee. The movie explores themes of honor, perseverance, and the preservation of tradition in the face of modernization. As Ip Man confronts adversaries in and out of the ring, he demonstrates the true spirit of martial arts and leaves a lasting legacy in the world of martial arts. Ultimately, Ip Man 2 is a story of resilience, mentorship, and the enduring power of martial arts in bringing people together.

  • Genre:  Action, Drama, Sport
    Release Year: 2021
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.9 IMDB
    Cast:  Dennis Quaid, Katrina Bowden, Johnny Jay Lee, Sean Patrick Flanery

    Mickey Kelley, a former jiu-jitsu champion, has fallen on hard times. Struggling to make ends meet, he takes a job as a debt collector to support his wife and young son. Despite his financial difficulties, Mickey still longs for the glory days of his past, when he was at the top of his game in the world of martial arts. When an opportunity arises for him to return to the sport, Mickey jumps at the chance, eager to prove himself once again. With the support of his family and friends, Mickey begins training for a high-stakes jiu-jitsu tournament. Along the way, he faces numerous challenges and obstacles, including doubts about his abilities and fierce competition from younger, more skilled fighters. As the tournament approaches, Mickey must dig deep within himself to find the strength and determination to overcome his adversaries and reclaim his rightful place as a champion. Through perseverance, resilience, and unwavering dedication, Mickey proves that he was indeed born a champion, both inside and outside the ring.

  • Release Year: 2005
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Jordan Hinson, Lauren McKnight, Jake Abel, Brittany Curran

    Go Figure is a heartwarming coming-of-age story that follows the journey of Katelin Kingsford, a talented figure skater with big dreams. Katelin has always been passionate about figure skating, but her dreams seem out of reach due to financial constraints. Despite the challenges, Katelin's determination and love for the sport drive her to pursue her dreams. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she receives a scholarship to an elite boarding school with a renowned figure skating program. Thrilled by the opportunity, Katelin leaves her small town and supportive father to embark on a new chapter in her life. However, fitting in at the prestigious school proves to be a challenge as she navigates through the competitive world of figure skating and the complexities of teenage social dynamics. Along the way, Katelin forms deep friendships and discovers her own strengths and values. As she trains and competes with her talented peers, she faces various obstacles and setbacks that test her resilience. With the support of her friends and the guidance of her coach, Katelin learns valuable life lessons about perseverance, integrity, and the true meaning of success. The movie climaxes with a high-stakes figure skating competition where Katelin must summon all her courage and skill to prove herself on the ice. Through her journey, Katelin not only strives to excel in her sport but also finds her place in the world and learns the importance of staying true to herself. Go Figure is an inspiring tale of determination, friendship, and self-discovery that resonates with audiences of all ages.

  • Genre:  Drama, Family, Sport
    Release Year: 2004
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Brenda Strong, D.B. Sweeney, Alessandra Torresani, Andrew Lawrence

    Jace Newfield is a 14-year-old visually impaired boy who moves from New York City to Salt Lake City with his mother. He is determined to keep his disability a secret in order to fit in at his new high school. Jace's life takes an unexpected turn when he decides to join the school's wrestling team. Despite his lack of experience and the challenges posed by his visual impairment, Jace's determination and resilience earn him the respect of his teammates and the admiration of a girl named Mary Beth. As Jace navigates the ups and downs of high school and wrestling, he learns valuable lessons about friendship, acceptance, and the true meaning of courage. With the support of his friends and family, Jace finds the strength to embrace his identity and inspire those around him. Going to the Mat is an uplifting story of perseverance, self-discovery, and the power of believing in oneself.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Romance, Sport
    Release Year: 1983
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 4.9 IMDB
    Cast:  Burt Reynolds, Loni Anderson, Cassandra Peterson, Parker Stevenson

    Stroker Ace is a high-octane action-comedy film that follows the wild and adventurous life of a hotshot NASCAR driver, Stroker Ace. Known for his reckless driving and larger-than-life personality, Stroker is a crowd favorite and a thorn in the side of his sponsor, Clyde Torkle, who is constantly trying to rein in the racer's outrageous behavior. Despite his success on the track, Stroker's off-track antics often land him in hot water, much to the chagrin of his no-nonsense manager, Lugs Harvey. When Stroker's antics lead to a falling out with Torkle, he finds himself without a sponsor and in need of a new team. Enter the attractive and ambitious Pembrook Feeney, a car dealership owner who sees Stroker as the perfect face for her struggling business. With a new sponsor and a new team, Stroker sets out to reclaim his former glory and prove to Torkle that he's still the best in the business. Along the way, Stroker faces off against rival drivers, navigates the ups and downs of his personal life, and learns valuable lessons about humility, teamwork, and the true meaning of success. Fueled by fast cars, high-speed chases, and laugh-out-loud comedy, Stroker Ace is a wild ride from start to finish, showcasing the thrills and spills of the high-stakes world of NASCAR racing.

  • Release Year: 2017
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.5 IMDB
    Cast:  Bob Einstein

    The movie 'Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story' is a biographical drama based on the life of Robbie Knievel, the legendary daredevil and son of the iconic stunt performer Evel Knievel. The film chronicles Robbie's journey as he follows in his father's footsteps and seeks to carve out his own legacy in the world of extreme sports and daredevil stunts. The story begins with Robbie's early years, growing up in the shadow of his famous father and feeling the weight of living up to his father's larger-than-life reputation. Despite the pressure and expectations, Robbie is determined to make a name for himself and prove that he is more than just the son of a legend. As he embarks on his own daredevil career, Robbie faces numerous challenges and obstacles, both personal and professional. He grapples with the demands of fame, the risks of his adrenaline-fueled profession, and the complexities of his relationship with his father. The film delves into Robbie's triumphs and setbacks, showcasing his fearless stunts, near-death experiences, and the unwavering determination that propels him forward. Along the way, Robbie also confronts his inner demons and struggles with the legacy of his family name. The movie captures the highs and lows of Robbie's career, including his record-breaking jumps, spectacular crashes, and the relentless pursuit of his passion despite the physical and emotional toll it takes on him. As Robbie strives to leave his mark on the world, he grapples with the sacrifices and consequences of his chosen path, ultimately discovering the true meaning of courage, resilience, and the enduring spirit of a daredevil. 'Chasing Evel: The Robbie Knievel Story' is a gripping tale of adrenaline, ambition, and the indomitable spirit of a man who defies gravity and expectations to create his own legend.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, Drama, Sport
    Release Year: 2018
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 4 IMDB

    In the year 2045, the world has been taken over by a ruthless totalitarian regime that controls every aspect of society. The government has implemented a new technology called Rec Man, which allows them to record and manipulate the memories of the citizens. The protagonist, Alex, is a young rebel who has been fighting against the regime. He discovers that his own memories have been tampered with and sets out on a dangerous journey to uncover the truth. Along the way, he meets a group of resistance fighters who help him navigate through the treacherous cityscape filled with surveillance and deception. As Alex delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding Rec Man, he realizes that the key to overthrowing the regime lies within his own memories. He must confront his past and unlock the hidden truths buried within his mind in order to ignite a revolution and free the world from the clutches of Rec Man. The movie is a thrilling sci-fi adventure that explores the power of memory, the resilience of the human spirit, and the fight for freedom in a dystopian society.