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  • In Cold Blood (1967)


    1h 37m

    7.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Scott Wilson, Robert Blake, Mary Linda Rapelye, John Forsythe
    In meeting in Kansas, ex-cons Perry Smith and Dick Hickock are breaking several conditions of their respective paroles. The meeting, initiated by Dick, is to plan and eventually carry out a robbery based on information he had received from a fellow inmate about $10,000 cash being locked in a hidden safe in the home of the farming Clutter family of Holcomb, Kansas. After the robbery, they plan on going to Mexico permanently to elude capture by the police. Each brings a necessary personality to the partnership to carry out the plan, Dick who is the brash manipulator, Perry the outwardly more sensitive but unrealistic dreamer with a violent streak under the surface. Perry literally carries all his dreams in a large box he takes with him wherever he goes. The robbery does not go according to plan in any respect, the pair who ultimately hogtie and execute all four members of the Clutter family, only coming away from the home with $43 in cash. As Perry and Dick go on the run, a murder investigation ensues, led by Topeka based Detective Alvin Dewey. If Dewey and his team are able eventually to identify the pair as the murderers and capture them, they, if they understand the two, may get their much needed confessions in dividing and conquering. Perry and Dick's fates may also be regardless of who literally pulled the trigger. —Huggo
  • Romeo and Juliet (1968)


    1h 37m

    7.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Olivia Hussey, Laurence Olivier, Michael York, Robert Stephens
    Against the backdrop of a venomous feud between the powerful clans of the Montagues and the Capulets in the medieval city of Verona, William Shakespeare's eternal story of teenage love unfolds. As youth's insolence arms the charming young Montague, Romeo, with dauntless courage to come uninvited to the Capulets' scintillating masked ball, a brief but thrilling encounter with the delicate dark-haired Capulet, Juliet, will pave the way for an ardent passion and a cruel romantic tragedy. Before God, the star-crossed lovers have sworn never-ending devotion despite their perilous plight; however, before the grim machinations of fate, man stands powerless. Are Romeo and Juliet destined to be together?
  • The Dream Team (1989)


    1h 37m

    6.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Michael Keaton, Lorraine Bracco, Christopher Lloyd, Henry Fonda
    Dr. Weitzman works with patients in a sanitarium. Convinced that all that his "group" needs is a some fresh air and some time away from the sanitarium, he persuades the administration to allow him to take them to a ballgame. Unfortunately, he accidentally stumbles across a crime in progress and ends up in hospital. The group is stranded in New York City, forced to cope with a place which is often more bizarre than their sanitarium. —Murray Chapman
  • Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)


    1h 37m

    7.2 IMDB

    Cast:  Marilyn Monroe, Julie Newmar, Bobby Diamond, Bill Hickman
    Lorelei and Dorothy are just "Two Little Girls from Little Rock", lounge singers on a transatlantic cruise, working their way to Paris, and enjoying the company of any eligible men they might meet along the way, even though "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." Based on the Broadway musical based on the novel. —Stewart M. Clamen
  • Kill the Irishman (2011)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Linda Cardellini, Val Kilmer, Christopher Walken, Ray Stevenson
    The true story of Danny Greene, an impoverished but charismatic young Irish-American who rises to power as president of the longshoreman's local union and is charged with corruption but evades serious jail time by becoming an FBI informant. With fearless nerve he joins forces with a Mafia gangster to rise to power in Cleveland's underworld, gaining the reputation of a Robin Hood-like figure with nine lives as he escapes countless assassination attempts. —[email protected]
  • Singin' in the Rain (1952)


    1h 37m

    8.3 IMDB

    Cast:  Rita Moreno, Lana Turner, Jean Hagen, Debbie Reynolds
    1927 Hollywood. Monumental Pictures' biggest stars, glamorous on-screen couple Lina Lamont and Don Lockwood, are also an off-screen couple if the trade papers and gossip columns are to be believed. Both perpetuate the public perception if only to please their adoring fans and bring people into the movie theaters. In reality, Don barely tolerates her, while Lina, despite thinking Don beneath her, simplemindedly believes what she sees on screen in order to bolster her own stardom and sense of self-importance. R.F. Simpson, Monumental's head, dismisses what he thinks is a flash in the pan: talking pictures. It isn't until The Jazz Singer (1927) becomes a bona fide hit which results in all the movie theaters installing sound equipment that R.F. knows Monumental, most specifically in the form of Don and Lina, have to jump on the talking picture bandwagon, despite no one at the studio knowing anything about the technology. Musician Cosmo Brown, Don's best friend, gets hired as Monumental's ideas man and musical director. And by this time, Don has secretly started dating Kathy Selden, a chorus girl who is trying to make it big in pictures herself. Don and Kathy's relationship is despite their less than friendly initial meeting. Cosmo and Kathy help Don, who had worked his way up through the movie ranks to stardom, try make the leap to talking picture stardom, with Kathy following along the way. However, they have to overcome the technological issues. But the bigger problem is Lina, who will do anything to ensure she also makes the successful leap into talking pictures, despite her own inabilities and at anyone and everyone else's expense if they get in her way, especially Kathy as Don's off screen girlfriend and possibly his new talking picture leading lady. —Huggo
  • The Naked Face (1984)


    1h 37m

    5.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Elliott Gould, Roger Moore, Rod Steiger, Anne Archer
    Chicago psychiatrist Judd Stevens is suspected of murdering one of his patients when the man turns up stabbed to death in the middle of the city. After repeated attempts to convince two cops of his innocence, Dr. Stevens is forced to go after the real villains himself, and he finds himself up against one of the city's most notorious Mafia kingpins. —Jonathon Dabell
  • True Crime (1999)


    1h 37m

    6.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Frances Fisher, Colman Domingo, Lucy Liu, Christine Ebersole
    Steve Everett (Clint Eastwood), Oakland Tribune journalist with a passion for women and alcohol, is given the coverage of the upcoming execution of murderer Frank Louis Beachum (Isaiah Washington). His attractive colleague Michelle Ziegler (Mary McCormack) died in a car accident the night before. Bob Findley (Denis Leary), Steve's boss and husband to Steve's current affair, wants him dead and gone as soon as possible. When Steve stumbles across the possibility of Frank Louis Beachum being innocently on death row, Bob feels his time to have come. Now Steve only has a few hours left to prove the innocence of Frank and to be right with this theory, as he definitely will be history if he's not. —Julian Reischl
  • Touched with Fire (2015)


    1h 37m

    6.2 IMDB

    Cast:  Luke Kirby, Katie Holmes, Mike Faist, Annie Golden
    Carla and Marco lead somewhat parallel lives, albeit in different ways. Both suffer from bipolar disorder. Both channel especially their manic periods into art in both being poets, Carla published. Both decide unilaterally to go off their medication in wanting to feel instead of being in a numb state. Both have parents in their lives - Marco only his father - who love them and want them to be well, although their parents have a different view of what is best for them than they do. And both have an obsessive focus on an orb - Carla the sun, Marco the moon - although part of the obsession for both is the light associated with it. Where they differ is that Carla wants to discover more about her illness in being told when she was diagnosed in her early adulthood that there was some sort of trigger in her life, what that issue was she doesn't know, while Marco sees his being as who he inherently is, which he believes is someone not of this Earth. Although they come into the situation in a different manner, they meet when they are both admitted to the same psychiatric hospital under the care of Dr. Strinsky. Their initial antagonism for each other ends up being an intellectual challenge for both leading to them feeding off each other as they fall in love. As their want to feed off each other is in that manic state, they may face the challenge not only of Dr. Strinsky and their parents not seeing their relationship as a healthy one, but whether they themselves can sustain a relationship with each other in such a state, especially in needing to have some sense of responsibility for each other. —Huggo
  • London Has Fallen (2016)

    Cast:  Gerard Butler, Charlotte Riley, Morgan Freeman, Radha Mitchell
    After the British Prime Minister has passed away under mysterious circumstances, all leaders of the Western world must attend his funeral. But what starts out as the most protected event on earth, turns into a deadly plot to kill the world's most powerful leaders and unleash a terrifying vision of the future. The President of the United States, his formidable secret service head and a British MI-6 agent who trusts no one are the only people that have any hope of stopping it. —Anonymous
  • Gespensterjäger (2015)

    Cast:  Ruby O. Fee, Axel Stein, Amy Huberman, Milo Parker
    They couldn't be more different, the members of the trio that allies in the fight against an Ancient Ice Ghost (AIG): Tom, an easily scared boy; Hetty, a professional ghosthunter; and loveable but slimy Hugo--a ghost. Will the team manage to save their town from the next ice age? —Lucky Bird
  • Bad Influence (1990)


    1h 37m

    6.3 IMDB

    Cast:  James Spader, Rob Lowe, Kathleen Wilhoite, David Duchovny
    Michael, a wimpy young executive, is about to get pulverized by a jealous boyfriend in a bar when a handsome, mysterious stranger steps in--and then disappears. Later that night, while jogging, Michael runs into the stranger on a pier. He introduces himself as Alex, and the two go out to an under- ground club. Within a matter of days, Alex wheedles his way into Michael's life and turns it upside down, and Michael doesn't realize that Alex is a dangerous sociopath until it's too late. —Denise P. Meyer
  • Hurry Sundown (1967)


    1h 37m

    5.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Michael Caine, Jane Fonda, Faye Dunaway, Jim Backus
    Following World War II, a northern cannery negotiates for the purchase of a large tract of uncultivated Georgia farmland. The major portion of the land 's owned by Julie Warren and has already been optioned by her unscrupulous, husband, Henry. Now the combine must also obtain 2 smaller plots; one owned by Henry's cousin Rad McDowell, the other by Reeve Scott, a young black man whose mother had been Julie's childhood nammy. But neither Rad nor Reeve's interested in selling, and they form a partnership to improve their land. Although infuriated by the events, Henry remains determined to push through the big land deal, —alfiehitchie
  • Circle of Iron (1978)


    1h 37m

    5.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Christopher Lee, Eli Wallach, David Carradine, Roddy McDowall
    A young martial artist, Cord the Seeker, competes for and loses the right to go on a quest for the Book of All Knowlege held by a wizard named Zetan, but he goes along the path to seek Zetan anyway. Along the way, he meets strange tests and challenges by enemies and allies - often having difficulty determining which is which. —Sam L.
  • Kindergarten Cop 2 (2016)


    1h 37m

    4.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Dolph Lundgren, Bill Bellamy, Fiona Vroom, Aleks Paunovic
    Hot on the trail of the Eastern-European criminal kingpin, Zogu, unexpectedly, the old-school F.B.I. Agent, Reed, finds himself at a well-organised elementary school. Knowing that Zogu is after a tiny flash drive containing highly sensitive information, Reed has to pose as a substitute kindergarten teacher to stand a chance of retrieving the precious item that is hidden somewhere in the classroom of a mysteriously deceased instructor. Now, like a fish out of water, Reed needs to take control of the class without blowing his cover; however, this is easier said than done. Can tough officer Reed gain the classroom's confidence before it's too late? —Nick Riganas