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  • Cher and the Loneliest Elephant (2021)


    1h 37m

    7.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Cher
    Tells the incredible story in which superstar singer and actor Cher flies across the world during a raging pandemic to save a bull elephant from 35 years of suffered incarceration. This is a story of hope and dreams and testament to what we can achieve when working together. At a time when so many of us are feeling trapped in our own worlds, Kaavan's story is a beacon of joy and hope for us all.
  • Happily Ever After (2016)


    1h 37m

    5.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Janet Montgomery, Sara Paxton, Alex Kingston, Melanie Scrofano
    Heather returns to her hometown when her father becomes ill and is pressured into filming her former best friend's wedding.
  • Paradise Lost 2: Revelations (2000)


    1h 37m

    7.5 IMDB

    In 1994, three nonconformist boys in West Memphis, Arkansas were convicted for a horrific triple child murder. However, the original film shows how questionable evidence and a prejudiced community instead led to an apparent miscarriage of justice. The producers return to West Memphis to meet the Three again and the grassroots movement that has arisen to exonerate the Three. However, the father of one of the victims, John Mark Byers, is profiled as well as he belligerently asserts the three's guilt even as new evidence and his own criminal record draws suspicion on himself.
  • The Last Sentence (2012)


    1h 37m

    N/A IMDB

    Cast:  Lennart Hjulstr√∂m, Adam Lundgren, Pernilla August, Sonja Richter
    Torgny Segerstedt was one of the leading journalists in Sweden in the 20th century. He fought a one man battle against Hitler and the Nazi regime until his death in 1945 and during these tumultuous times his private life was marked by a world in chaos, as he falls in love with his friend's wife while married himself. THE LAST SENTENCE weaves together the story of a psychological love story with a portrayal of the political situation Sweden found itself in during the Second World War. A gripping, dramatic and poetic tale about a man, who could not be silenced.
  • Soundwave (2018)


    1h 37m

    5.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Laurel Harris, Hunter Doohan
    A teenage inventor's life spirals into chaos when a nefarious group discovers he's invented a device that can hear into the past.
  • Luna (2014)


    1h 37m

    6.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Katia Winter, Stephanie Leonidas, Ben Daniels, Dervla Kirwan
    Grant and Christine are still struggling with the storm of grief following the death of their baby. They visit an old friend, Dean, with his new girlfriend Freya, in their isolated house by the sea. Dean tries but fails to control his drinking. Freya worries about the age difference between her and Dean. Christine confesses her secrets to Dean, upsetting his comfortably stable world of escapist fantasy and children's books. Over a long weekend, old loves, losses and resentments are revisited and the life of the dead child is lived out in a series of strange, hallucinatory dreams. Luna is a fantasy film about reality that uses cinematic imaginative language to portray the tangible and mundane alongside the fantastical and fleeting elements of life. The film combines live action with the unique animation and graphics of Dave McKean.
  • The Capture of the Green River Killer (2008)

    Cast:  Sharon Lawrence, James Marsters, Brendan Fletcher, Zak Santiago
    Over nearly 20 years, Det. Dave Reichert of the King County Sheriff's Department investigated a series of brutal murders by a serial killer who became known as the Green River Killer after the location where some of his early victims were found. All the victims were women involved in prostitution. The police used the tools available at the time including an FBI profiler. They even interviewed serial killer Ted Bundy who was on death row at the time and offered his insight into the killer. Several men came under suspicion and were interviewed at length and at one point, Reichert was convinced he knew the identity of the killer. It was not until DNA matching came into being that they had the evidence to proceed. The killer eventually admitted to killing 71 women.
  • Evil Alien Conquerors (2003)


    1h 37m

    4.7 IMDB

    Cast:  Diedrich Bader, Chris Parnell, Elden Henson, Tyler Labine
    My-ik [Diedrich Bader] and Du-ug [Chris Parnell] are evil alien conquerors from the planet Kabijj. They have exactly 822,000 tilkrons (2 and half days) to behead all of mankind. Otherwise they will feel the wrath of a 100 foot giant, named Croker [Tyler Labine]. Armed with only their swords, these inept evil aliens find Earth harder to conquer than planned. Will alcohol, fast food, mad cows, and women stand in their way? Or is the Earth doomed?
  • The Legend: The Bessie Coleman Story (2018)


    1h 37m

    7.1 IMDB

    In 1921 a young Woman arose from the poverty of the Texas cotton fields to capture the hearts of the Black population of America. She taught them to not only overcome racial barriers but the barriers within themselves. And in doing so...dare to dream. Her name was Bessie Coleman. This is her story.
  • Flashpoint (1984)


    1h 37m

    6.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Jean Smart, Rip Torn, Roberts Blossom, Treat Williams
    Two Texas border guards, a young hotshot and his older and more cynical partner, find a jeep buried for 20 years in the desert, with a skeleton, a scoped rifle, and a box with $800,000 in cash. They decide to keep the money, but quietly check up on the cryptic info they've found on the dead driver. Soon, the Feds are running all over the place, and it looks like the jeep may be linked to the JFK assassination. But the Feds are trying to cover it up, and eliminate anyone who knows about the jeep.
  • On the Way Home (2011)

    This story is about a journey, a relationship and returning home. He has already been driving his truck for twenty years throughout Russia while she waits him at home. He is alone on the road. She is together with her beloved pet, faithful friend and protector Irbis. This could continue for longer if he was not terminally ill.
  • Living on Soul (2017)


    1h 37m

    7.7 IMDB

    Filmed during their three-night, sold-out residency at the historic Apollo Theater, this hybrid docu-concert film features the late great Sharon Jones, Charles Bradley and the rest of the Grammy-nominated Daptone Records family.
  • HeartBreak (2019)


    1h 37m

    6.3 IMDB

    The film is based on the life of a one time award winning professional billiard champion down on his luck who encounters a young Korean woman seeking to become the billiard world champion to save her son's life. What ensues is an emotional and dramatic journey leading to a climactic event that will change their lives forever.
  • Top Gunner (2020)


    1h 37m

    1.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Eric Roberts
    Recent graduates of a secluded U.S. Air Force base must protect a gene-editing bio-weapon from the Russian military - who are desperate to seize the deadly viral agent at any cost.
  • Killing Strangers (2013)


    1h 37m

    4.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Tenoch Huerta, Harold Torres
    A series of auditions is taking place in a museum-like living room. Various men improvise or deliver prepared lines, rehearse gestures and slogans, aim guns, and collapse as if mortally wounded. The theme of revolution is repeatedly invoked...