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  • 21 X New York (2016)


    1h 37m

    6.8 IMDB

    "21 x New York" is an intimate portrait of the city and its people. We meet the characters in the NYC subway and we follow them to the surface finding out about their lives, cravings, passions, hopes and dreams - sometimes lost and sometimes still waiting to be fulfilled. What comes out of it is an emotional tale of solitude that haunts us in 21st century western world.
  • Mayday (2019)


    1h 37m

    3.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Michael Paré
    During a flight from Los Angeles to London, frequent power outages lead to passengers mysteriously disappearing one by one. With the remaining passengers lives on the line, an Air Marshal (Michael Pare) jumps into action while he tries to determine what is going on.
  • Comrades (1986)


    1h 37m

    7.3 IMDB

    Cast:  Imelda Staunton, Vanessa Redgrave, Keith Allen, Phil Davis
    The story of "The Tolpuddle Martyrs". A group of nineteenth century English farm laborers who formed one of the first trade unions and started a campaign to receive fair wages.
  • Blowback (2000)


    1h 37m

    4.6 IMDB

    Cast:  James Remar, David Groh, Mario Van Peebles, Stephen Caffrey
    Whitman is a psychotic religious killer who was caught by Inspector Morell a former seminarian, whose religious knowledge led to Whitman's capture. Whitman was tried and sentenced to death. However, he was rescued by a secret government group who want to make him an assassin, however, Whitman escapes and decides to get back at the people who tried to stop his mission, the jury, the judge, the district attorney, who's Morrell's ex-wife. Morrell recognizes the killings as Whitman's style but how could it be when he's dead. The man who recruited Whitman posing as an FBI agent claims that they are looking for a copy cat but Morrell finds it hard to believe that it could no one other than Whitman.
  • Life with Dog (2018)


    1h 37m

    6.2 IMDB

    Cast:  Marilu Henner, Corbin Bernsen, Brandon Beemer, Gregory Hoyt
    "My wife had faith, I had doubt - you'd be surprised how well those two work together!" That's been Joe Bigler's "life operating manual" until his wife died in a mysterious bicycle accident. Now without her faith to help him mourn, and his doubt driving toward a mystery surrounding her death, Joe is left with more questions than he can handle, and quickly finds himself spiraling into a dark abyss - uncertain of all things. His rescue comes in the form of a Dog who wanders into his rose garden and refuses to leave. "Dog," as Joe unaffectionately refers to him, never utters a single bark, but engages Joe in silent conversation, and together they form an unexpected bond. And with that bond comes a new understanding of love, mercy, and compassion along with the beginnings of a personalized faith that helps Joe not only begin to grieve and heal, but also discover the answers to the unsolved mystery surrounding his wife's accident...and ultimately an ability to forgive at the highest level.
  • Blindfold (1966)

    Cast:  Claudia Cardinale, John Megna, Ned Glass, Rock Hudson
    Dr. Bartholomew Snow, a psychiatrist, is treating a man with emotional problems who, it turns out, is a brilliant scientist being pursued by different international powers and their operatives. Snow soon finds himself caught in the middle and out of desperation, he falls in with a mysterious and beautiful woman named Vicky Vincenti. But is she helping him, or is she yet another sinister figure out to manipulate him?
  • 16 Acres (2012)


    1h 37m

    6.6 IMDB

    The dramatic inside story of the monumental collision of interests at Ground Zero in the decade after 9/11.
  • Gilbert (2017)


    1h 37m

    7.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Richard Kind, Patton Oswalt, Jane Seymour, Markie Post
    GILBERT is a wildly funny and unexpectedly poignant portrait of the life and career of one of comedy's most iconic figures, Gilbert Gottfried.
  • Moonlight and Valentino (1995)


    1h 37m

    5.7 IMDB

    Cast:  Elizabeth Perkins, Kathleen Turner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jeremy Sisto
    College poetry professor and poet Rebecca Trager Lott's husband Ben Lott has just died in a freak accident. Rebecca's support during this difficult time consists of her best friend Sylvie Morrow, her sister Lucy Trager, and her ex-stepmother Alberta Trager. Earth mother Sylvie is dealing with what she sees as the probable end of her own marriage to her husband Paul Morrow. Chain smoking Lucy is a directionless and insecure woman who is still mourning their mother's death fourteen years earlier from cancer. And Wall Street executive Alberta, who Lucy in particular doesn't like in her life (especially as Alberta and their father have since divorced) is a domineering but admittedly efficient woman who treats her personal life as an extension of her professional life. As time progresses and each woman deals with her own issues while trying to help Rebecca, a hunky house painter who they have nicknamed "Valentino" enters their collective lives. "Valentino" profoundly affects each of their lives, at the same time that Rebecca, the only one who is seen as having had the perfect marriage, provides what they hope is sage advice for their issues. What comes into question is the appropriate time that Rebecca is allowed to feel sorry for herself. She makes an admission about her marriage and about "Valentino" that may provide the answer.
  • C.I.Ape (2021)


    1h 37m

    3 IMDB

    Cast:  Madelyn Kientz, Angel Rosario Jr.
    In the world of espionage, some missions require an agent with a unique set of skills, possessing not just bravery but an ability to melt even the most villanious heart. This is a job for C.I.Ape .
  • Between Waves (2020)


    1h 37m

    4.2 IMDB

    A film about a woman's pursuit to join her missing lover by crossing into a parallel dimension. Even after his presumed death, Jamie continues to be visited by her lover Isaac, a quantum physicist, who pleads for her to join him in a parallel plane. Jamie follows a map and notebook Isaac left for her and embarks on a journey to the island of São Miguel in the Açores. At the center of the Atlantic Ocean, Jamie begins to untangle the truth of what really happened the night Isaac disappeared, learning that she had a greater part in it than she cares to remember. Burdened by a police investigation back home, and in turmoil about her choice to terminate her pregnancy, Jamie is haunted by Isaac's inter-dimensional visits as he persuades her to join him. Jamie hopes to get some clarity when Isaac's former research partner, Renata, shows up on the island to help. Does Renata believe Jamie or is she just after the notebook Isaac left behind? Straddling a fine line between enlightenment and madness, how far will Jamie go before she's in too deep?
  • Barbie in Rock 'N Royals (2015)


    1h 37m

    5.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Kelly Sheridan, Rachel Drance, Nicole Oliver, Alessandro Juliani
    Two worlds collide, when the modern aristocrat, Princess Courtney, and the famous rock star, Erika Juno, accidentally switch places with each other. Now, by an unintentional mix-up, the beautiful noblewoman arrives in Camp Pop, while the talented singer finds herself all alone in Camp Royalty. Little by little, as both rival camps attempt to remedy this awkward situation, the girls try their best to adjust, making unforeseen and exciting new friendships. Will the Princess and the Rock Star embrace their differences to shine at this summer's grand singing competition?
  • Eye of the Cat (1969)


    1h 37m

    6.1 IMDB

    Cast:  Eleanor Parker, Gayle Hunnicutt, Michael Sarrazin
    A man and his girlfriend plan to rob the mansion of the man's eccentric but wealthy aunt. However, the aunt keeps dozens of cats in her home, and the man is deathly afraid of cats.
  • Sarah Landon and the Paranormal Hour (2007)

    In San Diego, Sarah Landon is invited by her grandmother's friend, Thelma Shaw, to spend the weekend with her in Pine Valley, California. Sarah used to spend vacations there during her childhood with her recently-deceased friend Megan. While heading to Pine Valley, her car breaks down and Carlos, the mechanic, calls his assistant, Matt Baker, to give her a ride. Sarah knows Matt from her childhood and asks about his older brother, David. Meanwhile Carlos tells a sad story about their uncle, Ben Woods. He apparently used to brag about his only son, Johnny, considered by Ben to be the best baseball player in the Valley. On his twenty-first birthday, Ben's sister Mary Ann Baker decided to celebrate with Johnny but she had a car accident and the teenager died. Ben promised to kill David Baker on his twenty-first birthday and he dies on the day of Johnny's funeral. Over the years, Mary Ann becomes delusional and has a breakdown. During an argument between his mother and father, David overhears the quarrel and becomes a hermit obsessed in occultism. Sarah joins to Matt to try and save David's life during the the paranormal hour.
  • Caged Fury (1990)


    1h 37m

    3.9 IMDB

    Cast:  James Hong, Michael Parks, Gregory Scott Cummins, Paul L. Smith
    Kathie (Roxanna Michaels) is innocent when they lock her up ... but that won't last long. Women in chains, a deviant warden and murderous guards ... no wonder the cops claim Honeywell State Prison doesn't exist. Her only hope of being freed lies with Harley-riding hero Victor (Erik Estrada) and combat karate champ Dirk (Richie Barathy), who'll take on the whole prison mano a mano if need be. This women-in-prison film also stars Paul L. Smith (Midnight Express), Jack Carter (Alligator), Michael Parks (From Dusk Till Dawn) and adult film stars Janine Lindemulder and Kascha.