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  • Genre:  Action, Drama, Horror
    Release Year: 2018
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.8 IMDB
    Cast:  Arija Bareikis

    The movie follows a father named Simon (Alex Draper) who takes his son Finn (Charlie Tacker) to renovate an old farmhouse in rural Vermont. As they work on the house, they begin to experience strange occurrences and uncover dark secrets about the property's past. The film's horror elements are largely psychological, with much of the tension coming from the father-son relationship and the sense of isolation in the remote countryside. The witch herself is more of a presence than a physical entity, adding to the film's eerie atmosphere. "The Witch in the Window" received positive reviews from critics, who praised its effective scares and thoughtful exploration of family dynamics. It also won several awards at various film festivals, including Best Feature at the Telluride Horror Show. The movie is a slow-burn horror film that relies on mood and tension rather than jump scares, making it a good choice for fans of the genre who enjoy a more psychological approach to horror.

  • Release Year: 2008
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.2 IMDB
    Cast:  Paul Rudd, Lake Bell, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Stephen Root

    "Over Her Dead Body" follows the story of Henry, a devastated widower who lost his fiancée, Kate, on their wedding day. Consumed by grief, Henry finds himself unable to move on, struggling to find closure and make peace with Kate's passing. In an attempt to find some closure, Henry reluctantly seeks the help of Ashley, a self-proclaimed psychic who claims to have the ability to communicate with the dead. Although skeptical at first, Henry becomes intrigued by Ashley's eccentric personality and her apparent connection to Kate's spirit. As Henry and Ashley spend more time together, their bond deepens, and a blossoming romance begins to emerge. However, Kate's ghostly presence continues to linger, creating a comedic and emotional tug-of-war between the living and the dead. With the interference of Kate's ghost, who is determined to sabotage Henry's newfound relationship, the situation becomes increasingly complicated. As Ashley and Kate's supernatural battle escalates, their efforts to win Henry's heart become a hilarious and surreal clash of the physical and spiritual worlds. As the truth behind Kate's unresolved feelings and Ashley's psychic abilities are revealed, the characters are forced to confront their own fears, desires, and ultimately, the nature of love itself. "Over Her Dead Body" is a heartwarming and supernatural romantic comedy that explores themes of grief, second chances, and the unexpected twists of fate.

  • Release Year: 1987
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 8 IMDB
    Cast:  Robin Wright, Cary Elwes, Peter Falk, Carol Kane

    The movie features a talented ensemble cast, including Cary Elwes, Robin Wright, Mandy Patinkin, Wallace Shawn, André the Giant, and Chris Sarandon. The story of "The Princess Bride" is a fairy tale about a young woman named Buttercup (Robin Wright) who falls in love with a farm boy named Westley (Cary Elwes). When Westley is presumed dead, Buttercup is forced to marry the evil Prince Humperdinck (Chris Sarandon), but she is kidnapped by a band of colorful characters, including a vengeful swordsman named Inigo Montoya (Mandy Patinkin), a giant named Fezzik (André the Giant), and a cunning mastermind named Vizzini (Wallace Shawn). The movie is known for its witty dialogue, charming characters, and playful approach to storytelling. It is also notable for its blend of genres, which includes romance, comedy, and adventure. "The Princess Bride" has become a cult classic and is widely regarded as one of the greatest fantasy films of all time. It has inspired countless parodies and homages, and its memorable quotes and characters continue to resonate with audiences of all ages.

  • Genre:  Crime, Drama, Thriller
    Release Year: 2017
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.2 IMDB
    Cast:  Michael Mosley, Ed Harris, Joanne Froggatt, Amanda Crew

    An attention-seeking psychic is kidnapped and tries to use the situation to boost his popularity.

  • Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Action
    Release Year: 2014
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.2 IMDB
    Cast:  Tony Dalton, Alfonso Herrera, Joaquín Cosio

    One of the most notable aspects of The Perfect Dictatorship is its biting satire of Mexican politics and the role of the media in shaping public opinion. The film explores themes such as corruption, censorship, and the manipulation of the media to control public perception. It offers a critical commentary on the state of democracy in Mexico and the influence of powerful individuals and institutions on the political landscape. The movie's cast is also a standout feature, with Damián Alcázar delivering a strong performance as Filiberto Garcia, the corrupt politician at the center of the story. Alcázar portrays the character's gradual descent into moral decay with nuance and depth, making him both despicable and sympathetic at the same time. The supporting cast, including Joaquín Cosío as Vargas and Alfonso Herrera as a young journalist, also give strong performances and add to the film's commentary on the media and politics. The Perfect Dictatorship is a thought-provoking and entertaining film that offers a critical commentary on Mexican politics and the media. Its sharp wit and insightful commentary make it a must-see for anyone interested in political satire and social commentary.

  • Release Year: 1957
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 8.1 IMDB
    Cast:  Max von Sydow, Bibi Andersson

    Set in the 14th century, "The Seventh Seal" follows the journey of Antonius Block (played by Max von Sydow), a disillusioned and war-weary knight who has returned to Sweden after fighting in the Crusades. He is accompanied by his loyal squire Jöns (played by Gunnar Björnstrand). As they make their way through a plague-ridden and desolate landscape, Block becomes consumed by doubt and despair. He is haunted by questions about the existence of God and the afterlife, particularly in the face of the grim reality of the Black Death sweeping across Europe. In the midst of this existential crisis, Block encounters a group of traveling performers, including Jof (played by Nils Poppe), Mia (played by Bibi Andersson), and their infant son, Mikael. They provide a glimpse of hope and innocence in a world filled with suffering and darkness. Block also encounters Death (played by Bengt Ekerot), who has come to claim him. However, Block challenges Death to a game of chess, hoping to delay his fate and find answers to his profound questions. The film unfolds as a series of philosophical and theological dialogues, exploring the nature of faith, the search for meaning, and the inevitability of death. It delves into the human condition and the various ways people cope with the uncertainty of mortality. "The Seventh Seal" is known for its iconic imagery, including the famous scenes of Death playing chess with Block and the Dance of Death procession. The film's stark black-and-white cinematography and powerful performances contribute to its enduring impact and critical acclaim. Ingmar Bergman's "The Seventh Seal" is a cinematic masterpiece that continues to be celebrated for its profound exploration of existential themes. It challenges viewers to contemplate life's biggest questions and remains a landmark of world cinema, known for its intellectual depth and timeless relevance.

  • Genre:  Action, Drama, Horror
    Release Year: 2017
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.1 IMDB
    Cast:  Sara Malakul Lane

    The story follows Oliver (played by Russell Geoffrey Banks), a socially awkward and emotionally troubled man living in Bangkok, Thailand. Isolated from the outside world and burdened by a traumatic past, Oliver struggles to connect with others, leading a life of solitude and inner torment. However, unbeknownst to those around him, Oliver harbors a horrifying secret. At night, he becomes a ruthless and sadistic serial killer, preying on unsuspecting women in a brutal and depraved manner. Under the influence of a domineering and manipulative mother figure named Sophia (played by Margaret Roche), he is compelled to commit these heinous acts. Everything changes when Oliver encounters a free-spirited and vibrant woman named Sophia (played by Sara Malakul Lane). Despite his dark tendencies, he becomes infatuated with Sophia, leading to a tumultuous and dangerous obsession. As Oliver's twisted and violent urges intensify, he struggles to control his impulses while navigating the complexities of a potential romantic relationship. Meanwhile, his mother figure, Sophia, continues to exert a disturbing influence on his actions, further blurring the lines between reality and depravity. As the film unfolds, viewers are taken on a chilling and shocking journey into Oliver's mind, witnessing the depths of his depravity and the horrifying lengths he will go to in his quest for connection and companionship. "Who's Watching Oliver" is an intense and unsettling exploration of psychological horror, presenting a disturbing character study of a deeply troubled individual. With its disturbing visuals and unflinching portrayal of violence, the film offers a chilling examination of the human psyche and the darkness that can lurk within even the most seemingly ordinary individuals. As a cautionary tale, the movie serves as a grim reminder of the complexities of mental illness and the importance of addressing mental health issues within society. It leaves audiences pondering the unsettling question: who truly is watching Oliver, and what leads a person to commit unspeakable acts of violence?

  • Genre:  Comedy, Drama, Romance, Action
    Release Year: 1999
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.7 IMDB
    Cast:  Melanie Lynskey, Michelle Williams, Natasha Lyonne, Clea DuVall

    Megan is an all-American girl. She's a cheerleader and has a boyfriend, but she doesn't like kissing him very much, and she's pretty tactile with her cheerleader friends, and she only has pictures of girls up in her locker. Her parents and friends conclude that she *must* be gay and send her off to "sexual redirection" school, full of admittedly homosexual misfits, where she can learn how to be straight. Will Megan be turned around to successful heterosexuality, or will she succumb to her love for the beautiful Graham?

  • Genre:  Action, Drama, Music, Romance
    Release Year: 2018
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.6 IMDB
    Cast:  Bradley Cooper, Sam Elliott, Lady Gaga, Halsey

    One of the most notable aspects of A Star Is Born is the impressive performances by its lead actors. Cooper, who also served as the film's director, gives a nuanced and powerful portrayal of a musician struggling with addiction and personal demons. Lady Gaga, known for her music career, showcases her acting abilities and delivers a heartfelt performance as Ally, a young singer trying to find her place in the music industry. The movie's music is also a standout feature, with Cooper and Gaga delivering powerful musical performances throughout the film. The original songs, including "Shallow," which won the Academy Award for Best Original Song, and "Always Remember Us This Way," add to the emotional depth of the movie and help to tell the story of the characters' struggles and triumphs. A Star Is Born also tackles important themes, including addiction, mental health, and the challenges of fame and success. The movie's portrayal of these issues is raw and realistic, and provides a thought-provoking commentary on the music industry and celebrity culture. Overall, A Star Is Born is a powerful and emotionally charged film that showcases the talents of its lead actors and delivers a moving story about love, music, and the human condition.

  • Genre:  Action, hyt
    Release Year: 1960
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.7 IMDB
    Cast:  Laurie Mitchell, Audie Murphy, Bob Steele, Allan Lane

    The film follows the story of Clay Santell (Murphy), a cowboy who is mistaken for a wanted criminal and has his horse and gear stolen by the real criminal. Santell sets out to clear his name and recover his belongings, but soon finds himself pursued by a posse and a vengeful outlaw named Travers (McNally). The film is a classic Western that delivers plenty of action and suspense, with a strong performance by Murphy as the determined hero. It also explores themes of justice and revenge, as Santell seeks to clear his name and Travers seeks to exact his own brand of justice. The film features impressive stunt work and thrilling gunfights, as well as a memorable score by composer Hans J. Salter. Overall, "Hell Bent for Leather" is a well-crafted Western that will appeal to fans of the genre. It showcases Murphy's talent as an actor and action star, and features a strong supporting cast and an engaging storyline. It is a must-see for anyone who enjoys classic Westerns and tales of the American West.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy, hyt
    Release Year: 1971
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 5.7 IMDB
    Cast:  Marie Windsor, Diana Muldaur, George Peppard, Hal Needham

    The story follows Harker Fleet (played by George Peppard), a charismatic and audacious outlaw with a reputation for pulling off successful train robberies. Having decided to retire from his life of crime, Fleet dreams of settling down and starting anew. However, before he can leave his past behind, he is tempted by one last daring heist - the biggest and most dangerous of his career. Fleet assembles a motley crew of fellow outlaws, each with their unique set of skills. Among them are his loyal friend, Eli Jones (played by John Vernon), the sharpshooter Billy (played by Diana Muldaur), and the explosives expert, Pickpocket (played by France Nuyen). Together, they plan to rob a heavily guarded train carrying a fortune in gold. As the crew prepares for the high-stakes heist, tension and camaraderie build among the members, each grappling with their own reasons for taking on this risky endeavor. The movie artfully balances intense action sequences with moments of humor and character development, delving into the motivations and backgrounds of the outlaws. On the day of the robbery, the tension reaches its peak as the train hurtles through the vast and untamed wilderness. With the law closing in and unexpected obstacles testing their mettle, Fleet and his crew must rely on their wits and camaraderie to execute the daring plan successfully. "One More Train to Rob" takes audiences on a thrilling ride through the American West, complete with classic train chases, shootouts, and unexpected twists. The film showcases the charismatic performances of its lead actors and captures the essence of the Wild West era, where outlaws and lawmen clashed in a battle for survival and justice. With its mix of thrilling action, witty dialogue, and well-drawn characters, "One More Train to Rob" remains a beloved classic for fans of Western films, offering a nostalgic and entertaining escape to a bygone era of frontier adventures and daring escapades.

  • Genre:  Action, Comedy
    Release Year: 1976
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 3.6 IMDB

    Four high school girls at Hollywood High are looking for fun. Together they frolic on the beach and cavort with their guys. In their search for a little privacy they meet up with a retired movie star whose mammoth house offers 10 private bedrooms. But, there's a catch. Life is good at Hollywood High.

  • Genre:  Action, Drama
    Release Year: 2018
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 6.2 IMDB
    Cast:  Boyd Holbrook, William Fichtner, Mare Winningham, Jeffrey Wright

    The film follows the story of Louis "O.G." Menkins, a seasoned inmate who has spent the majority of his life behind bars. As he nears the end of his sentence in a maximum-security prison, O.G. grapples with his past choices and the desire for a fresh start upon his release. Within the prison walls, O.G. has earned respect among both the prisoners and the prison staff. He forms a connection with a younger inmate, Beecher, and takes him under his wing, offering guidance and mentorship amidst the harsh realities of prison life. However, O.G.'s path to redemption is complicated when he is presented with an opportunity for parole. As he navigates the complex dynamics of the prison environment, O.G. must confront his own personal demons, face the consequences of his past actions, and make difficult choices that will determine his future. As the film unfolds, "O.G." delves into the humanity of the characters, challenging perceptions of guilt, redemption, and the potential for transformation. It sheds light on the flaws and injustices within the prison system, while also exploring the resilience and capacity for growth that exists within individuals, even in the most challenging circumstances. Directed by Madeleine Sackler and featuring a gripping performance by Jeffrey Wright as O.G., the film offers an intimate and introspective portrayal of life within prison walls. With its raw and emotionally resonant storytelling, "O.G." invites viewers to question their own beliefs about rehabilitation, second chances, and the complexities of human nature. Prepare for a thought-provoking and emotionally charged journey as "O.G." shines a spotlight on the struggles, hopes, and search for redemption within the confines of a maximum-security prison.

  • Genre:  Action, Fantasy
    Release Year: 2018
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 3.7 IMDB

    Set in a medieval-like fantasy world, the film follows a group of dwarves who have been living underground in a hidden city known as Demrel. For generations, these dwarves have sought refuge beneath the earth to escape persecution and conflict with other races. However, the dwarves' peaceful existence is disrupted when a band of human adventurers stumbles upon their underground city. The humans are led by Dallben (played by John Hutton), a charismatic but enigmatic figure, and his group of treasure hunters. As tensions escalate between the dwarves and the intruders, a power struggle ensues, and the dwarves must confront their own dark secrets and the consequences of their isolation. Meanwhile, the humans are driven by their greed for the fabled treasure hidden within the dwarves' domain. The film unfolds as a tale of survival, mistrust, and the clash of cultures. It delves into the complexities of the characters' motivations and the moral dilemmas they face as they navigate the treacherous underground world of Demrel. "The Dwarves of Demrel" is a low-budget indie film that relies on its storytelling and character development to create a sense of tension and intrigue. It offers a unique take on the fantasy genre by focusing on the interactions and conflicts between different groups within the fantastical world it creates. While the film may not have the lavish special effects and grandeur of big-budget fantasy productions, it compensates with its focus on character-driven drama and the exploration of themes that resonate with human experiences, even in a fantastical setting. "The Dwarves of Demrel" is an example of independent filmmaking within the fantasy genre, offering a fresh perspective on familiar themes and providing viewers with a thought-provoking and engaging cinematic experience.

  • Genre:  Comedy, Family, Action
    Release Year: 1932
    Playing Time: 1h 37m
    IMDB Rating: 7.9 IMDB
    Cast:  Oliver Hardy, Stan Laurel

    The film is notable for its physical comedy, with Laurel and Hardy using their trademark slapstick style to great effect. Their attempts to push the piano up the hill lead to several memorable moments, including a scene where they accidentally push the piano down a flight of stairs and another where they get stuck in a gate. The film's simple premise and tight pacing make it a timeless classic of the comedy genre. The chemistry between Laurel and Hardy is undeniable, and their ability to make even the most mundane tasks seem like a comedic triumph is a testament to their talent as performers. "The Music Box" won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film in 1932, cementing Laurel and Hardy's status as two of the greatest comedic actors of their time. Even today, almost a century after its release, the film remains a beloved classic that continues to delight audiences of all ages with its timeless humor and charm.