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Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Sharon Farrell, William Sanderson

J.J. McQuade is a Texas Ranger known for his tough and uncompromising nature. He prefers to work alone, earning him the nickname 'Lone Wolf.' McQuade is an expert marksman and martial artist, but his renegade style often puts him at odds with his superiors. However, his skills are put to the test when he crosses paths with a dangerous arms dealer named Rawley Wilkes. Wilkes is involved in illegal arms smuggling and drug trafficking, and he has a personal vendetta against McQuade. When Wilkes kidnaps McQuade's daughter, Sally, the lone wolf is forced to team up with an FBI agent, Kayo Ramos, to bring down Wilkes' criminal empire. As McQuade and Ramos delve deeper into the criminal underworld, they face numerous obstacles and dangerous adversaries. The action-packed journey takes them through intense shootouts, high-speed car chases, and brutal hand-to-hand combat. Along the way, McQuade's personal code of honor is put to the ultimate test as he fights to rescue his daughter and bring Wilkes to justice. The lone wolf must confront his own demons and rely on his unique skills to overcome overwhelming odds and emerge victorious in a thrilling showdown. 'Lone Wolf McQuade' is a gripping tale of justice, redemption, and the untamable spirit of a lone warrior in the wild frontier of Texas.

    RATED: 6.4
    IMDB: IMDB link
    RELEASED: 1983-04-15
    DIRECTOR: Steve Carver

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