Soar Into the Sun (2012) Subtitles

Jong-Suk Lee, Rain

Soar Into the Sun centers around Tae-hun, a talented and hot-headed fighter pilot in the South Korean Air Force. Despite his exceptional skills, Tae-hun's rebellious attitude and disregard for authority often land him in trouble. When tensions escalate between South Korea and North Korea, Tae-hun finds himself in the middle of a dangerous mission. As he joins a team of elite pilots, he must set aside his personal conflicts and rise to the challenge of defending his country against a formidable enemy. The film combines high-octane aerial combat sequences with personal drama as Tae-hun faces both physical and emotional obstacles. As he battles in the skies, he also confronts his own fears, regrets, and the consequences of his actions. Soar Into the Sun offers an immersive cinematic experience, capturing the breathtaking beauty of aerial maneuvers and the heart-pounding intensity of air combat. The film highlights the camaraderie and sacrifices of the pilots as they push the limits of their skills and confront the realities of war. Through its exhilarating action sequences and character-driven storytelling, Soar Into the Sun celebrates the bravery, dedication, and heroism of the South Korean Air Force. It offers an insight into the challenges faced by pilots and the profound impact of their service on their lives and the lives of those around them. Note: The plot summary provided captures the essence of Soar Into the Sun; however, the film's thrilling aerial sequences and character arcs offer a more immersive experience that is best enjoyed by watching the movie in its entirety.

    RATED: 5.9
    IMDB: IMDB link
    RELEASED: 2012-08-24
    DVD RELEASE: 2013-07-10
    DIRECTOR: Dong-won Kim