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  • I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes (1948)


    1h 37m

    6.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Don Castle, Regis Toomey
    Tom (Don Castle) and Ann (Elyse Knox) are a down-and-out dance team, and while Don seeks engagements, Ann works as an instructor at a dance academy, with Detective Judd (Regis Toomey) one of the many customers she meets. On a hot summer night Tom, awaken from his sleep, tosses his only pair of shoes out the window to quiet two noisy cats. He goes down to retrieve them and can't find them, but Ann discovers them in front of their door the next morning. A near-by recluse is found murdered in his old shack that same day while Tom finds a wallet filled with old $20 bills. Footprints, bearing an imprint like those on a tap-dancer's shoes, plus Don's new-found wealth combine to make a good circumstantial evidence case for Judd against Tom and he is convicted. On the night before his execution, Ann seeks Judd's help in proving Tom is innocent. He turns up a suspect, Kosloff (Robert Lowell), but an air-tight alibi clears him.
  • I Became a Criminal (1947)


    1h 37m

    7.2 IMDB

    Cast:  Sally Gray, Sebastian Cabot, Trevor Howard
    In this gritty film noir, cynical ex-RAF flyer Morgan, bored with civilian life, joins a break-in gang led by Narcy. On his first job, the getaway car crashes after killing a policeman. Morgan is framed as the driver and sent to jail. Seeking revenge, he escapes and heads for London. Along the way he's helped by a woman (Mrs. Fenshaw), who wants him to murder her husband. In London, Morgan is sheltered by Sally, who falls in love with him. He confronts Narcy and the gang in an abandoned warehouse. Brazilian Director Cavalcanti's crime drama should not be confused with the totally unrelated "They Made Me a Criminal" (1939).
  • Black Friday (1940)

    Cast:  Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Milburn Stone, Anne Gwynne
    When his friend Professor Kingsley is at deaths door, brain surgeon Dr. Sovac saves his life by means of an illegal operation that transplants part of injured gangster Red Cannon's brain. Unfortunately, the operation has a disastrous Jeckll and Hyde side effect and under certain conditions the persona of Cannon emerges. Sovac soon learns of the duel personality and of half a million dollars the gangster has hidden away. He attempts to find the money through the manipulation of his friend, an attempt that brings Kingsley closer to madness as he alternates between a meek professor of English and a brutal gangster out for murderous revenge on those who tried to kill him.
  • Loan Shark (1952)

    Cast:  John Hoyt, Benny Baker, Russell Johnson, Paul Stewart
    A vicious loan shark ring has been preying on factory workers. When several workers at a tire factory suffer violence at the hands of the loan sharkers, a union leader and the factory owner try to recruit ex-con Joe Gargan to infiltrate to the gang. At first Joe does not want to get involved, but changes his mind when his brother-in-law dies at the hands of a savage loan shark hood. Joe works his way into the mob, but in order to keep his cover, Joe can't tell anyone what he is up to. This results in him being disowned by his sister and girl friend.
  • Rope of Sand (1949)


    1h 37m

    6.7 IMDB

    Cast:  Claude Rains, Burt Lancaster, Peter Lorre, Paul Henreid
    Two years ago, hunting guide Mike Davis was with a client who trespassed on diamond company land and found a rich lode; Paul Vogel, sadistic commandant of company police, beat Mike nearly to death but failed to learn the location. Now Mike is back in Diamantstad in the South African desert, and manager Martingale has a better idea: he hires delectable adventuress Suzanne to ferret out Mike's secret. But she soon finds she's playing with fire.
  • The Burglar (1957)


    1h 37m

    6.6 IMDB

    Cast:  Jayne Mansfield, Dan Duryea, Martha Vickers, Mickey Shaughnessy
    Nat, Gladden, Baylock and Dohmer comprise a disparate band of Philadelphia-based thieves, who, despite their differences, are able to pull off their latest heist of a bejeweled necklace which Baylock, the jewelry specialist, appraises at $150,000 retail. The heist itself was not without its problems, they having a couple of close calls in the process. The heist only exacerbates the issues between the four. Baylock has always had problems with Gladden who he sees as adding nothing to their gang, while brutish Dohmer always seem solely to want to manhandle her. While Nat realizes that they have to hold on to the necklace until things cool down in it being too hot, Baylock, on parole, wants to get rid of it as soon as possible to reduce their risk. While most realize they will ultimately only be able to get a fraction of the retail amount, Dohmer wants to push for as close to retail as possible. Through it all, Nat, the leader, seems to have a protective nature toward Gladden - the reason he comes to her defense against Baylock and Dohmer - even though the others can see that he isn't interested in her in a romantic sense. Nat, in turn, is unaware that Gladden is indeed in love with him. While the four lay low together with Baylock and Dohmer in particular going stir crazy, Nat is able to convince Gladden to hide out in the open somewhere else - the choice being Atlantic City - to protect her against those stir crazy feelings of the other two. When Nat eventually discovers that Gladden is in danger from someone who believes she may be in possession of the necklace, the reason her pursuer believes she was sent away, Nat, who is still the holder of the jewels, feels obligated to protect her at all cost.
  • Chicago Syndicate (1955)

    Cast:  Dennis O'Keefe, Allison Hayes, Paul Stewart
    An ex-military accountant is recruited by the FBI to infiltrate the mob in Chicago in an attempt to break open the rackets. To complicate his job, two women stand in his way, each with their own agenda.
  • Midnight (1934)


    1h 37m

    5.5 IMDB

    Cast:  Humphrey Bogart, Henry Hull, Margaret Wycherly
    The foreman of a jury asks questions that send a woman to the electric chair for a murder committed in the heat of passion. On the night of the execution, his actions come back to haunt him.
  • The Mad Doctor (1940)


    1h 37m

    6.4 IMDB

    Cast:  Basil Rathbone, Ellen Drew
    A crazed physician marries a wealthy women and, with the help of his demented assistant, murders them for their money.
  • The Accused (1949)

    Cast:  Billy Mauch, Ann Doran, Loretta Young, Wendell Corey
    Wilma Tuttle, psychology professor, lets aggressively brash student Bill Perry drive her home. Big mistake. After an attempted rape, Perry is dead; panicked, Wilma hides her traces and flees. As time passes, she watches the investigations of Homicide Lt. Dorgan with painfully concealed apprehension. Complicating matters: her budding romance with Warren Ford, Perry's guardian. How long can she stand the strain?
  • Party Girl (1958)

    Cast:  Barrie Chase, Dolores Reed, Carmen Phillips, John Ireland
    Lawyer Thomas Farrell has made a career defending crooks in trials. He has never realized that there is a downside to his success, until he meets the dancer Vicki Gaye. She makes him decide to get a better reputation. But mob king Rico Angelo *insists* that he continues his services.
  • Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    Cast:  Gail Russell, John Lund, Paula Raymond, Margaret Field
    After heiress Jean Courtland attempts suicide, her fiancé Elliott Carson probes her relationship to John Triton. In flashback, we see how stage mentalist Triton starts having terrifying flashes of true precognition. His partner, Whitney Courtland, uses Triton's talent to make money; but Triton's inability to prevent what he foresees, causes him to break up the act and become a hermit. Years later, Triton has new visions and desperately tries to prevent tragedies in the Courtland family. Can his warnings succeed against suspicion, unbelief, and inexorable fate?
  • A Life at Stake (1955)


    1h 37m

    5.8 IMDB

    Cast:  Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes, Bing Russell, Jane Darwell
    An out-of-work architect meets a married woman who has a business proposition for him. The architect begins to suspect that the woman's interest in him is not just financial and--and might actually be deadly.
  • Fury (1936)


    1h 37m

    7.9 IMDB

    Cast:  Sylvia Sidney, Dennis O'Keefe, Walter Brennan, Christian Rub
    Based on the story "Mob Rule" by Norman Krasna. Joe Wilson and Katherine Grant are in love, but he doesn't have enough money for them to get married, so Katherine moves across the country to make money. But things go disastrously wrong for Joe when he stops in a small town and is mistaken for a wanted kidnapper. Through the course of the movie, Fritz Lang shows us how a decent and once civilized man can become a ruthless and bitter man.
  • Walk a Crooked Mile (1948)


    1h 37m

    6.3 IMDB

    Cast:  Louise Allbritton, Raymond Burr, Arthur Space, Dennis O'Keefe
    A security leak is found at a Southern California atomic plant. The authorities stand in fear that the information leaked would go to a hostile nation. To investigate the case more efficiently, Dan O'Hara, an FBI agent, and Philip Grayson, a Scotland Yard sleuth, join forces. Will they manage to stop the spy ring from achieving their aim?